etrackerReal-time data and analytics, as well as consumer connectivity, spotlight marketing with newly acquired relevance. Although it is always on a marketer’s mind to get attention through all the advertising noise, only real-time personalization seems to manage delivering targeted one-on-one communications to visitors, based on real-time behavior, interests, preferences, and data.

Indeed, thanks to technology and big data, marketers can now serve relevant content to their website visitors, based on where they clicked and where they came from. Bear in mind that when it comes to making a great first impression and converting leads, your website is where the magic happens. Just like a salesman gathers information from customers through conversation, your website gathers information through visitor actions and behaviors. The more you know and understand your potential customers, the better you can fine-tune your responses, engage, and educate them on the offerings that are relevant to each of them individually.

Etracker’s ‘Targeting API’ makes dynamic websites a reality

It seems the days of a single website for all visitors are numbered. When consuming media and shopping online, users want an individual experience and relevant content, which is possible through behavioral targeting.
Etracker knows all this very well and encourages its clients to use the knowledge about website visitors to address them personally and to offer them just the right contents. To succeed, however, you have to ask the right questions first and internalize what you already know about returning visitors, such as: How often did they visit your website recently? Do they prefer specific product categories or special campaigns? Did they buy something or at least put into the shopping cart before? Do they compare things intensely or buy according to what strikes their fancy? Etc.

Etracker’s Targeting API provides data on your visitors in real time, i.e. at the moment in which the visitor enters your website, that way helping you to improve the user's experience, but also increases the conversion rate and turnover. Thanks to web controlling, website and shop owners know much about their visitors, whether it is the visit frequency, favorite category, or what’s been bought, Now, this data can be used to personalize the site in real-time with the targeting API of etracker. It provides website operators with data about their visitors in real time, which means the moment the user comes to the site, transferring pseudonymous data from the visit history and current session information, which can then be used to personalize the site or the online shop.

Etracker customers can then tie the targeting API simply to their shop and content management systems and place a set of rules. For example, by using the data transmitted, the CMS automatically can generate dynamic web content, depending on customer interest. In this way, the etracker Targeting API not only helps to improve the user experience, but it also increases the conversion rate and revenue. Hence, web- and marketing analysis data is worth pure gold, but its true value lies not, as often practiced, in reports and statistics. Only when companies use the data for real-time marketing, and couple it with systems to playback content, the full potential for optimization unfolds.
The etracker Targeting API is especially designed for website owners and online retailers who want to attract and pick up their recurring visitors in a targeted way, so make use of the interface offered and use your data for website personalisation in real time.

By Daniela La Marca