1everyWhat says the first Cluetrain Manifesto? “Markets are conversations”, which implicates reciprocally that without talk there is no market.

Beware of falling behind and work hard to earn trust and loyalty from clients and consumers, as trust and real-time marketing are interwoven.

Especially since everyone can gather data and knowledge nowadays and every online move and step taken is easily traceable. Not to mention that the data gained from tracking and monitoring can immediately be put into action with mining software. In fact, today’s popular data-driven marketing brings the familiar data mining more to live than ever. In the medium term, it even allows the good old dialogue marketing to benefit from it.

However, as always, it is still all about analyzing shopping carts, clustering email recipients, identifying responder probabilities, predicting the distribution growth, and exploring correlations of data visually. Only the environment has changed. With more data- and computing power, more intelligent algorithms, more tools and expertise for a broader audience, it is just more fun.

Data is sort of the crude oil for effective email marketing, so whoever does not offer the opportunity of a newsletter subscription on his website, gives away precious potential. The same applies to opportunities for interest profiling, because only those who know their subscribers well can send customized content and establish a long-term commitment with targeted individuals. Preference centers, surveys, and semantic click tracking should therefore be standard.
The bottom line is that more automation ideally creates more time for campaign creation. Moreover, email has always been a "convivial" and (in-house!) data-driven advertising medium. Hence, the closer integration with other channels - such as social, print or SMS - will continue to evolve continuously. After the necessary data fusion, artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time content will start to play a stronger role in the individualization.

What is more, “real-time content" is always up to date, as it is only calculated and rendered at the time of the opening of the newsletter from the system by the receiver - considering the most current information, such as the recent click path, location, time of day, device and product inventory. In addition, the AI determines when optimal cross-selling offers, subject lines, and individual delivery times are required.

Even at a conceptual level there is room for improvement. Firstly, many advertisers still ignore the newsletter design, believing the delivery and timing are more important. A fallacy, however, because if the advertising message on the desktop or smartphone is not readable, the subscriber does not have a chance to experience its benefits.

Therefore, always make sure that your newsletter gives answers to four questions within a few seconds: Who contacted me? Why did he contact me right now? What should I do? Why is it worth my time? That way its effect does not deflagrate.

By Daniela la Marca