email-marketingWhat would you think about changing from static to dynamic e-mailings, in which you are still able to change the content after sending it? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to change the content of your newsletter depending on where, when, by whom and with what device the email is opened, creating a truly personalized and highly relevant reading experience to your newsletter subscribers? Pixylon can give you an idea of how that could be achieved - most probably even beyond your grasp.

The company is part of Tripolis Dialogue, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for real-time email marketing. The Pixylon module enables email marketing pieces to be adapted to the time, location, and the device used to open the email. By using dynamic images in combination with these factors, marketing campaigns become more current, more relevant and more manageable.

It seems to be a perfect solution, since real-time data tends to increase the number of clicks and orders considerably, and it even gets better. With Pixylon you can perform A/B tests automatically when a winning variation appears that is determined by a set of conditions. You no longer need to spend time to test campaigns or to segment your audience, instead optimize your campaign automatically.
Dynamic contents are the starting point of a new generation of email marketing

Never before has it been possible to follow conversations with (potential) customers as quickly and directly, as well as observing their interests and concerns. Now the challenge is to ensure that marketing campaigns are as relevant as possible for the receiver, because nuisance can be shared with one click, too.

Therefore, Pixylon is the logical development of existing email service solutions that can be economically integrated as an add-on to any existing email solution. To date, the content of an email was determined after pressing the “send” button, but with Pixylon the time of opening is only a decisive factor over the content.

In addition, emails were for a long time very impersonal. Previously, thousands of subscribers received the exact same newsletter with the exact same offers. Meanwhile, email marketing moves ever further towards personalization and retargeting strategies increasingly improving the relevance of the email marketing campaign and ultimately leading to better conversion rates and higher revenues.

The look of an email marketing piece should be determined by the time that a subscriber opens the piece, not when it is sent. This is possible by linking the images to dynamic data using Pixylon. In this way, the recipient is the central part and he or she will always see content that is as relevant and as current as possible. The potential of Pixylon seems endless and only limited by the creativity of marketers.

By Daniela La Marca