outbox-pro-illustration-1-174f0158Asian eMarketing lately met the energetic Founder and CEO of Unified Inbox, Toby Ruckert, for an interview to talk about the company’s patented UnificationEngine (more about it next week) and the web browser extension Outbox Pro, the company’s first product.

Outbox Pro has been launched just six months ago and provides a really quick and easy solution to create and publish engaging posts on multiple social networks. The revolutionary web browser extension allows further to share, review, edit, approve, schedule, and track both original and curated web content, in a secure way.

Since businesses and marketers respectively know that they must speed up the ways they produce content to capture consumer attention and react fast to posts in today’s fragmented media and device landscape, Outbox Pro comes at the right time. Social media and mobile devices have inevitably driven fundamental changes in consumer behavior and opened up new avenues for consumers to engage with brands. The need to move faster in all business activities to improve performance and productivity is greater than ever and responding quickly in social media has always been crucial, since it is the place where most real-time marketing is currently done.

“We have built a platform for unifying ingoing and outgoing communications, that can be legacy channels, like email or SMS, or social media channels like Twitter, Facebook or Weibo, even chat apps like WeChat or WhatsApp. With Outbox Pro, you can publish on multiple social media platforms at the same time, with different content and different agencies, such as PR or digital media agencies, which use the product to create better content for their customers, while keeping the customer in control of which post to approve. That way, the customer is always in charge of what content goes online and what doesn’t. Companies can now improve their social media ROI by having full visibility and control of their real-time and scheduled social marketing content.” Toby Ruckert explained.

Now, with the help of Outbox Pro, social media accounts can be managed on a daily basis even better and faster, as its smart workflow and approval function brings many advantages, such as:
• Secure access to live social networks without sharing social media passwords;
• Option to manage and assign permissions-based roles centrally, such as “Admin” for social media content review and approval; besides having a “Manager” or just “Author” designation;
• Easy to customize original and/or curated content for each social network
• Being able to receive and review approval requests via email from any mobile device; as it is easy to edit declined posts and resubmit them for approval.

The ability to schedule posts cross channel with one click is definitely an important and productive marketing element, besides the fact that Outbox Pro makes it easy to get content from a wide variety of sources (staff, partners, or customers). “Its centralized user authentication, approval, backup, and compliance empowers the people you choose inside and outside your organization to create content, and gives you the peace of mind that comes from controlling what gets published when on each of your different social networks, 24/7/365”, Toby affirmed.

Without doubts, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is particularly useful for small businesses that want to avoid the capital and operational expenses associated with deploying a unified communications solution on their own. Considering the many different communications channels used today on different devices, makes Outbox Pro the perfect solution to tackle the information overload created by having to send and receive messages on dozens of different communications channels.

Outbox Pro can be download on the Google Chrome Web Store for now, with other browser extensions coming soon, planned to be available as a native MacApp and WindowsApp in the near future as well. It supports five social networks so far, including Weibo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Xing, with more social networks in the pipeline. To incentivize new users, Outbox Pro’s first 100 posts are free, with additional posts costing 25 cents (U.S.) per post.
“Just download it from the Chrome AppStore, enter your user name and password, add your social media account and then you can post straight away. If you want to invite others to be authors, just add them into your team and they can automatically download/login to upload content for your social media”, Toby concluded.

More about Unified Inbox and its UnificationEngine in one of our next issues, which Unified Inbox CEO Toby Ruckert introduces with the statement: “Without an Internet of Communications (IoC) – which Unified Inbox’s UnificationEngine provides – there can be no Internet of Things. We’re creating the future protocol of the Internet of Things by being the first to combine all of the functions and features of communication channels available today.” 

By Daniela La Marca