AvernaAverna, the industry-leading developer of test solutions and services for communications and electronics device-makers worldwide, just launched the industry's first radio frequency (RF) tool with real-time global navigation satellite system (GNSS) simulator, offering high-performance record-and-playback as well as real-time simulation in a cost-effective platform.

To no surprise, the company is a strategic partner for electronic and communication product developers, helping them achieve higher product quality, faster time to market, and greater value from their test systems.

The Averna RP-6100 Series is a self-contained, record-and-playback solution for RF application validation. It can capture all GNSS bands, as well as HD Radio, WiFi, LTE, radar, and cognitive radio - plus impairments - to significantly advance RF projects and harden product designs. The RP-6100 Series features up to 4 channels, 160 MHz of recording bandwidth, tight channel synchronization, an extended frequency range of 10 MHz to 6 GHz, and 14-bit resolution. It can also be equipped with Skydel's software-defined, real-time GNSS Simulator, which delivers easy setups, integrated maps, dynamic scenario creation, high precision and tight parameter controls to enable highly repeatable simulations of current and future GNSS conditions, as well as corner cases. The software company offers GNSS test solutions mainly to scientists and engineers who develop navigation systems.

"Skydel is proud to introduce its software-defined GNSS Simulator, running in real-time Ettus and NI USRP hardware," stated Stephane Hamel, Co-founder and CEO of Skydel Solutions. "We are also very pleased to announce that our GNSS Simulator can be combined with Averna's RP-6100 Series. These technologies complement each other perfectly, making the combined solution the ideal platform for high-performance design validation of RF and GNSS devices."

RP-6100 Series Features:
• Frequency range of 10-6000 MHz, covering all GNSS bands, plus HD Radio, WiFi, LTE, and more
• Multi-channel (1-4): Up to 160 MHz of bandwidth at 14-bit resolution (< 1 Hz)
• 3.8 TB SSD storage or 16 TB HDD storage (for up to 22 hours of recordings)
• Preloaded with RF Studio software for quick setups and in-depth analysis
• Four models: RP-6120 (2 ch.), RP-6120P (2 ch. portable), RP-6120D (2 ch. desktop) and RP-6140 (4 ch.)
• Optional real-time Skydel GNSS Simulator for complete GNSS corner-case/testing scenarios

"We are very excited to partner with Skydel Solutions as a way to continue to provide our customers with the latest technologies and products," said Benoit Richard, VP of Innovation & Strategy at Averna. "Their technology maps perfectly with our portfolio of RF instrumentation solutions, which empower device manufacturers to efficiently generate, record, simulate, analyze, and play back all common radio, video, and navigation signals, ensuring complete test coverage and the highest quality for their RF products."

For more information, please visit the RP-6100 Series product page to learn more about the solution's features, technical specifications, and different models available.

By MediaBUZZ