6a250billionThe social network giant, Facebook, has recently revealed some interesting information through its affiliate “internet.org”.

The report indicates that the number of pictures uploaded to Facebook since its start has exceeded 250 billion, with an average daily uploads of 350 million. The report did not only indicate the number of uploaded pictures, it also revealed other information. The average daily clicks of Facebook subscribers on the “Like” button have reached nearly 4.5 billion in addition to 10 billion daily messages the subscribers send.

The said report confirmed a huge increase of picture uploads, the number of pictured uploaded till mid 2011 was 100 billion, today it is more than quarter a trillion with an average of 4000 pictures every single second.

It also indicated that the number of Facebook subscribers are about 1.15 billion, which means that the average pictures upload per subscriber is more than 217.

It is worth to mention that previous reports have pointed out that the average daily picture uploads on Yahoo’s Flicker is 3.5 million, which means the Facebook average is 100 times more.

By Mohamad El Hallak