6socialAccording to the eBook How to Calculate the ROI of Social Publishing by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it is possible to directly attribute revenue and cost savings back to social media campaigns - in publishing, listening, and advertising. Enjoy the summary.

This eBook focuses on the ROI of social publishing, which includes social posts on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, social presences on social networks and the open web at scale and using these posts and presences to drive conversions and consumer behavior.

The report also looked at the different ways to measure ROI for social publishing in terms of how to tie it to business activities, which metrics best apply to measuring revenue growth and which to measuring cost savings.

The Value Drivers for ROI


Calculating the ROI of social media efforts is no easy task; yet, brands are becoming smarter in setting measurable social media objectives. As technology is refined to better provide insights into conversions and overall revenue or cost-saving from campaigns, calculating ROI will only grow easier.

To learn more, please download the eBook at: www.salesforcemarketingcloud.com.

The ways in which brands choose to calculate ROI can vary, but this report should give you a good baseline for understanding how to measure the ROI of social marketing technology, and can be used in part or in whole to help guide your calculations.

By MediaBUZZ