ZeelyInternet users worldwide were shocked in June of this year when it was disclosed by NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden that companies such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook & Twitter were being forced to secretly give the United States government metadata on their users. Metadata includes information such as users’ unique device IP address, the keywords they search on the internet, and the sites they visit. That's when Florida entrepreneur Jeffrey Sisk decided it was time to act and set up Zeekly.com.

Zeekly.com is a worldwide search engine that takes privacy issues extremely serious, as it does not store metadata on its users and runs on 2048-bit SSL encryption. By not storing metadata, there's "nothing for the government to get" because historical data on Zeekly users doesn't exist. Besides, by using high grade SSL encryption, the company makes sure that users’ internet and/or cell phone provider doesn’t record metadata, considering what Edward Snowden disclosed that all major cell phone providers are under court order to give their metadata to the U.S. government.

In a recent interview, Zeekly's CEO Jeffrey Sisk stated, "Many of us rely on the internet for many things. We find information, solve problems, pursue our interests, read news, make purchases, and socially connect with like-minded people around the world. This is highly personal information. Granting access to American spy agencies to this level of information on American citizens is the most egregious assault on our constitutional rights regarding illegal search and seizure in the history of our country. As one of the original authors of the Patriot Act recently put it, they never intended the law to be used to collect mass amounts of data on unsuspecting American citizens. I think most of us already knew this was going on to some extent, but clearly this has far exceeded the original boundaries set forth by Congress."

Knowing users around the world heavily utilize American search engines, sets off all alarm bells in Asia, too. Zeekly was programmed to allow its users to search the world web wide or narrow this down to only search sites in the appropriate home country. The site also provides a translation feature to the language of choice. Additionally, in contrast to other "privacy" search engines, Zeekly is building its own proprietary web indexes - based on hadoop/hypertable used by tech giants such as Google - and the site is focused on bringing superior search results to its users in addition to protecting their privacy.

Mr. Sisk further stated, "New internet companies are finally coming forward with products and services that value your privacy. Americans and users around the world now have a choice, and based on the explosive growth of Zeekly they are clearly stating that privacy is a high priority issue. This obviously makes some of the established search engines and websites very vulnerable until they either voluntarily chose to stop collecting data, or laws are changed which prevent collection by government agencies.”

Zeekly will leverage this opportunity and is hoping to become a market leader in the search space by being committed to protecting the privacy of its users.

We appreciate the approach and encourage you to take a look.

By MediaBUZZ