SKUSkuRun, a start-up technology company, launched its new comprehensive web site and unveiled the company's new flagship product EnaBLE™, an end-to-end mobile marketing platform that will help convenience retailers engage customers where and when it matters most – at the gas pump and in the store.

SkuRun motivates buying decisions in real-time by leveraging the power and potential of beacon and mobile technology to deliver precise marketing messages in convenience store environments. Proximity marketing is taken to the next level as the engagement between manufacturing, retailers and consumers is enhanced.

"With the expansion of beacon technology, we now have an exciting opportunity to engage convenience store customers with compelling brand and promotional messages to motivate incremental purchases while they are already visiting the store location," said Ralph Acosta, co-founder and CEO of SkuRun.

04-PUMP-STATION1According to the company, over 167 million transactions are made each day at convenience stores in the United States alone, and only 27% of customers enter the store to make a purchase after filling up at the gas pump. Those facts, combined with the penetration of smartphones among convenience store customers, present without doubt a significant business opportunity.

"Our EnaBLE™ platform was designed to leverage beacon technology by enabling the delivery of marketing messages to consumers in real-time via their mobile devices, and also provide marketers the opportunity to customize and change messaging or offers at the touch of a button. We also felt that it was important to design EnaBLE™ as true cloud-based middleware, with the flexibility to work with any beacon manufacturer and any mobile device operating system," explained Acosta.

Currently, SkuRun is actively working with its partners to coordinate pilot tests with convenience retailers and select manufacturers and we will see how the beacon technology will evolve in the future and how it will get used and accepted by the marketing industry.

By MediaBUZZ