CriteoAs consumers continue to transition to tablets and smartphones, like the iPad and iPhone, Criteo, a specialist in digital performance advertising, works closely with their clients to deliver a transparent, cookie-based solution that allows advertisers to serve personalized dynamic ads on Safari mobile web browsers, while empowering users to make a relevant choice regarding their browsing experience.

Early this year, the company introduced its in-app advertising solution that has seen rapid growth in the past few months. The new offering provides app developers and mobile marketers a cost effective, performance driven solution to engage and convert their most valuable users and increase the lifetime value (LTV) of customers using their mobile application. Criteo’s in-app solution, combined with its strong and growing traction in mobile web, proves that mobile advertising is driving significant sales results. The global technology company

Driving a consistent and transparent user experience, regardless of browser

Criteo’s complete mobile solution ensures that users receive personalized, relevant ads regardless of the web browser. The company is a pioneer in providing consumer transparency over ad choices and helps users manage this by placing an interactive icon on all Criteo ads. Its technology uses information based on previous browsing behavior such as product viewed.

With its innovative Safari solution, Criteo took a similar user-friendly approach: When a user browses a client’s website with Safari and doesn’t have a Criteo cookie, Criteo will display an informative banner that notifies the user that their browser blocks some third-party cookies by default and that subsequently clicking on the website will allow Criteo to place its cookies and serve personalized ads. After having accepted Criteo cookies by clicking on the website, the user is shown a second notice that offers them the ability to revert their choice in the event that they change their mind.

Jonathan Wolf, Chief Product Officer, Criteo, explains: “According to recent studies, mobile users spend more than 80% of their mobile device time in applications, while the remaining 20 percent is spent on the mobile web. The biggest challenge for our clients is uncovering an effective way to drive engagement through their mobile app after it’s already installed. Criteo’s mobile solution sets itself apart from other approaches by going beyond basic audience and demographic targeting to offer a performance-based advertising solution displaying highly relevant ads to users and deep-links back to their specific product recommendation, helping drive sales and conversions. Our solution helps our clients stay ahead of the curve by reaching their consumers wherever they are on the mobile landscape.”

Delivering advertisers an extensive global reach and local strength

Criteo provides unique access to Internet users that other major marketing channels don’t reach, which explains why Criteo ads reach more than 920 million Internet users per month with real-time, personalized ads, according to comScore’s monthly MMX report.

According to this report, Criteo’s reach is actually even second only to Google Display Network’s globally and incremental to Search, since nearly 50% of Internet users worldwide who saw a Criteo ad were not exposed to Google search ads. That’s why comScore believes to be able to prove that Criteo uniquely reaches a large and growing group of Internet users that other major marketing channels don’t reach.

Advertisers working with Criteo benefit from the opportunity to connect and engage with the right consumers with greater efficiency and scale. The comScore report also highlights that approximately 8 out of every 10 Internet users saw a Criteo ad in the major global markets in March, such as 88% in Japan; 82% in the UK; 79 % in Brazil, 78 % in the US, 68% in Russia, or 62% in Australia.

“That almost 1 billion unique internet users worldwide are shown Criteo personalized ads every month based on the comScore MMX report underscores our extensive global reach,” said Eric Eichmann, COO at Criteo. “Criteo works directly with more than 6,000 of the leading publishers around the globe and all major real-time bidding networks, putting us in the perfect position to deliver the efficiency and scale that marketers demand for their campaigns.”

Indeed, Criteo’s mobile in-app product combines real-time customer behavior with the advertiser’s own product catalog and creative content. Extending to mobile its world-class recommendation and prediction Engine, the new mobile solution generates fully personalized, dynamic banners in real-time, with each individual ad optimized to maximize conversions at a specific return on ad spend (ROAS) objective. With the recent release of a solution for mobile web and now the addition of in-app advertising, built on the back of Criteo’s acquisition of AD-X Tracking, the company is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive solution across desktop and mobile for existing and new clients.

Please, take a look at Criteo’s infographic representing the comScore findings:


By Daniela La Marca