mobileGKatalystM, a leading Marketing Automation Agency, has become a member of 3radical's partner network in Asia Pacific and the first accredited 3radical Partner.

3radical has developed a marketing technology platform that enables brands to create an unprecedented level of engagement with consumers by delivering a rewarding, fun and relevant consumer experience on mobile. The platform enables brands to deliver a "gamified" experience to consumers through competitions, recognition and rewards, for exhibiting behavior such as visiting stores or online properties, answering quizzes, sharing messages about the brand with their friends on social networks, and ultimately purchasing and becoming an advocate.

"We have shown since our launch in July 2013 that the gamified experience delivered very high engagement, with more than 40% of all consumers downloading the app to date engaging with a gamified offer from a brand. This is because it is both contextual and delivers value to the consumer as well as the brand, and is attractive to a large and growing audience" said Chris Tew, EVP Asia Pacific for 3radical.

3radical provides brands with a new communication channel to connect directly with consumers, while impacting their behavior in a measurable way. This reflects the relevant, targeted and rewarding nature of the interaction created for consumers and brands alike, and is attractive to a large and steadily growing audience.

Created by the founders of marketing technology leader Alterian plc, the platform was launched in Singapore as a test market in July 2013 and is in use by nearly 50 brands-  including Billabong, Forever 21 and iSetan and major Malls such as 313@somerset.

KatalystM recognized that gamification will play a rapidly increasing role in developing consumer and customer relationships and consequently implements and supports 3radical as its technology partner in this area. Since KatalystM enables its clients to treat each and every one of their clients in a completely personalized and customized way, even if these number in the millions, the step is kind of natural. The technology driven marketing agency is built on two pillars - strong expertise in marketing technology; and a customer-first approach to marketing – and is absolutely convinced that this 'consumer first' approach, driving marketing with data and technology, is the future of marketing.

Headquartered in Singapore, KatalystM services clients throughout Asia-Pacific and is trusted by leading brands in both B2C and B2B, with brand names like Symantec, Philips Consumer Electronics, AirAsiaGo, Tiger Airways, Rakuten Group, Johnson&Johnson and Hewlett-Packard.

"Today's marketing is all about creating the right customer experience. Consumers want to be approached in relevant and fun ways. Gone are the days when loyalty was merely won with giving people rewards; today's consumer base their choices on who gives them the best and most satisfying experience”, Jos Birken, CEO of KatalystM explained.

"The 3radical platform supports our vision – to help brands grow the ‘lifetime value’ of their customers by enhancing the overall customer experience through smart, targeted and triggered marketing, and we are delighted to be working with 3radical to deliver the benefits of 'gamification' to major brands", he added.

The 3radical consumer app is branded either as radicalRealms, or branded and customized for specific organizations, including functionality relevant to that organizations audience - for example stock locators, news feeds etc. Offers and messages within the app are targeted and delivered to consumers in real time based on their social media profiles, past behavior and location and optimized based on powerful analytics – delivering exactly the kind of smart, targeted and triggered marketing that KatalystM focus on.

KatalystM and 3radical will soon announce a joint launch event in Singapore for Asia Pacific’s users of marketing automation platforms.

By MediaBUZZ