Yes, he seems to exist! He generates revenue with significant growth rates and can be observed on his digital path. He rates and comments on offers and can be reached in communities/networks or questioned on online panels. Marketers have never been as hot on his heels as now - the customer - and with mobile marketing they now follow him even at every turn he makes.

A flood of studies, books, seminars, and tools show how to get wise to the digital customer, but what distinguishes the traditional from the digital customers? Actually - nothing!

Important, however, is to understand traditional and digital buying and decision-making behavior and the motives behind it, which triggered MediaBUZZ to kick-start its 8byEight series on June 10, 2014 with an event that discusses the hot topic SoLoMo and emotion marketing in an attempt to shed light on this issue.

8byEight on Digital Marketing will reflect the growing importance of interactive, mobile and social as connector of the offline and online world, and provide updates on a variety of compelling topics, such as:

1. Omni-channel Retailing: How to facilitate a seamless approach to consumer experience & to manage a new breed of shoppers?

2. Explicit & Implicit Permission Marketing: Email and Search Engine Marketing to meet consumer's demand for real choice and no disruption.

3. Social Media Marketing: How to manage, measure and monetize in the unstructured and unregulated cyberspace?

4. Data Analytics: Exploiting “Big Data” for optimal marketing performance to gain the business competitive edge.

5. Building Brand Trust With Customer Experience: How To Do It Well?

6. Mobile Marketing: Enabling the best of class “on-the-go” m-Commerce, m-Payment & m-Apps.

7. Security: Risks, Threats, Vulnerabilities & IP Protection.

8. Integrated Marketing: Driving towards more holistic communication in marketing and leveraging on each’s intrinsic strength

The discussion topic will be moderated by a line-up of industry experts:


MediaBUZZ tailored the event to meet the needs of senior client-side marketers and the challenges they have to master in their daily business, by providing an extraordinary opportunity to discuss solutions with peers. Since marketers rely more and more on both the art and the science of marketing to succeed in this increasingly consumer-driven environment, the two keynote speeches will for sure create a lot of “Food for Thought” and inspire the discussions:

Technology: Crossing the gap between online and offline – SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile) in the Corporate Practice.

Creativity: Emotion Marketing – Sustainable branding with innovative communication channels and ideas.

8byEight will draw your attention to the newest trends like social, mobile, behavioral, or location-based marketing and invites guests to share thoughts, concerns and insights on how to use them for integrated marketing campaigns with their peers. So stay tuned!

For further information about 8byEight on Digital Marketing, visit http://www.mediabuzz.com.sg/8byEight/

By Daniela La Marca