GranfluencersSocial media is no longer synonymous with the younger generations. The likes of TikTok and Instagram have seen a wave of “granfluencers” (people over 55 years of age) becoming more and more prominent.

Interested in social media’s older contributors, analyzed the latest data from Influencer Marketing Hub to discover the earning potential of the biggest granfluencers in the world on TikTok and Instagram.

Rank Name (Instagram handle) Location Estimated average annual earnings from sponsored post opportunities ($) % Annual Instagram earnings more than annual pension earnings in home country
1. Iris Apfel
United States $103,243 189%
2. Grece Ghanem
Canada $78,320 168%
3. Nickelson Wooster
United States $60,504 69%
4. Lyn Slater
United States $45,155 26%
5. Helen Ruth Elam
United States $42,218 18%

Iris Apfel (@iris.apfel) has the highest earning potential as a granfluencer on Instagram. The 100-year-old fashion entrepreneur could potentially enjoy an astonishing annual sum of $103,243 from sponsored posts.

In second position is Grece Ghanem (@greceghanem). The 56-year-old from Canada could earn an estimated yearly figure of $78,320 from sponsored posts on Instagram. That is 168% more than the average annual pension in her home country ($29,575).

Rounding off the top five is Helen Ruth Elam (@baddiewinkle), who could make an estimated $42,218 from sponsored posts on Instagram in a year.

Rank Name (TikTok Handle) Location Estimated Average Annual Earnings from Sponsored Post Opportunities ($) % Annual TikTok earnings more than annual pension earnings in home country
1. Joe Allington
United Kingdom $181,438 810%
2. Pauline Kana
United States $146,274 309%
3. Charles Mallet
United States $134,037 275$
4. Lynn Yamada Davis
United States $101,560 184%
5. Lili Hayes
United States $53,732 50%

British grandad Joe Allington (@grandadjoe1933) has the highest earning potential on TikTok. The comedic 87-year-old can amass a healthy $181,438 from TikTok in a year. That is 810% more than the average annual UK pension ($20,181).

In second place is Paulina Kana (@rosssmith). The energetic 95-year-old with 20.8 million followers could bank an estimated yearly sum of $146,274 from her TikTok content.

Lili Hayes (@lilihayes) is in fifth position as she can make an annual sum of $53,732 from TikTok, 50% more than the average annual pension in the United States ($36,172).

Salman Haqqi, a spokesperson from pensions, offered guidance for budding granfluencers:

“These fantastic granfluencers are proof that age does not define us. They have fully embraced social media and become stars in their own right, undoubtedly inspiring other OAPs to give it a try. For anyone aiming to make a post retirement career on social media, here are our top tips:

  1. Tell your story: Authenticity is becoming rarer and rarer on social media, so be different and tell your truth. Talk about life experiences or lessons you are willing to share, as these will undoubtedly make you more endearing.
  2. Showcase your expertise: Really good at cooking or singing? Then don’t be afraid to center your social media content around something you love and are really good at. Your passion for your hobby will shine through as long as you stay consistent with posting and generating new ideas.
  3. Show gratitude: Engage with your audience, no matter how small or big the following. Thank them for their support, engage with them in the comments section and do the occasional prize giveaway. In doing so, you will gradually build a genuine fanbase. Over time you won’t have to push them to like, share and subscribe to your content (important metrics which boost your social media earnings), they will do it naturally."

By MediaBUZZ