ADAWhatsAppOver 2 billion people around the world use WhatsApp, and it is the most popular messaging application in Southeast Asia. As the number of people using this app will continue to rise with the growth of digital consumers across the region, brands and businesses will need to better connect and communicate with their customers who are turning to chat with businesses on WhatsApp.

Through the WhatsApp Business Platform, the data and artificial intelligence company, ADA, will empower businesses to connect with their customers in a private and secure environment across its markets in Southeast Asia.

The WhatsApp Business Platform allows businesses to drive better conversations with their customers in a personalized manner; thus, boosting customer engagement and increasing customer satisfaction, leading to better sales conversions. For instance, a telecommunications company can free up customer support to focus on servicing more complex care issues, which can improve customer engagement and reduce operational costs significantly.

With recovery making its way across Southeast Asia, and as retailers bounce back from COVID-19, WhatsApp chatbots can also give operators in-store support to help guide the customer journey and enhance every bit of the customer experience.

Srinivas Gattamneni, CEO of ADA said: "Chat commerce is changing the way businesses operate, and customer engagement solutions is the key driver. With this WhatsApp Business Platform, ADA now offers a truly seamless end-to-end business solution across our practices – eCommerce, MarTech, business insights, and marketing services – for that complete customer experience and journey. The face of chat commerce as we know it will change too, with the integration of our AI and machine learning models, deepening the level of personalization and quality of conversations." (Source: ADA)

By MediaBUZZ