linkedinIf you intend to showcase your work achievements and skills and network with colleagues, business partners and potential employers, LinkedIn is arguably the most important platform.

Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, but we would like to help you create your profile on LinkedIn. The following tips should help you set up your LinkedIn profile and increase your chances of connecting with thought leaders, gaining the attention of other professionals, and finding new opportunities for growth:

1. Complete your profile
A complete profile with all the details, your resume and your skills is essential for long-term success on LinkedIn. There are two reasons for this: (1) on the one hand, new contacts are suggested to you based on similarities, (2) on the other hand, Google rewards the completeness of profiles with better findability in the search engine. By the way, it is also worth using the information field about yourself. LinkedIn gives you a suggestion here that you can tweak and customize.

2. Expand your own network
Networking is what LinkedIn is all about, so take every opportunity to increase your connections. Start connecting with everyone you already know from your work environment and regularly add people you meet in the real world. Finally, you can use the "Your Network" tab to find people with a similar professional background or other similarities. And if you want to add a new contact, you should take the time to write a short message. This is not only polite, but also offers the opportunity to initiate an active exchange.

3. Deliver relevant content
As always, "quality over quantity" is decisive, which is why you should use LinkedIn passively too, which means scrolling through the posts of others. For instance, (1) post your own content that interests you and your contacts (target group) and look for content that addresses problems and hurdles in your community or offers suggestions for solutions; (2) report from your own (working) world to share personal experiences or to get feedback and advice.

4. Interact
Especially if you want to make a name for yourself as a personal brand, you should not only publish your own posts, but also comment on and share those of others. This is how you draw attention to yourself and your expert knowledge. Therefore, use every (reasonable) opportunity to share your know-how with others, to report on your own experiences and to give valuable tips.


By MediaBUZZ