B2BSocialMediaProfessional content on Facebook, LinkedIn and Co. not only helps companies to get more followers, but new customers and thus more sales.

Unfortunately, many business-to-business (B2B) companies still miss this opportunity, even though there are valuable online platforms at their fingertips that can be used to retain customers.

  1. Create content for experts: since you are looking for followers who become customers you can get specific. For instance, if you want to reach technicians, you can be technology focused and write in technical jargon, and the fact that the broad masses may not be able to do anything with the technical jargon is irrelevant. You present yourself online as an expert in its field.
  2. Post a variety by having an editorial plan: companies should post something weekly, or at best even two to three times a week. In this way, people encounter the company more often and deal with it. It is extremely important to also provide a variation. A content plan can help to organize things a few days and weeks ahead and to publish a colorful mix of different content.
  3. Assign fixed roles in the company: most probably a colleague from marketing has been tasked with posting something on social media platforms every now and then. However, if the person is absent due to vacation or illness or even quits, the postings suddenly stop. However, you should keep posting on social media constantly going when you started it. Therefore, companies should involve several employees in their social media planning and postings, so that coverage of the "editorial" is always guaranteed.
  4. Stay authentic: companies often try to copy the social media concept of startups; however, this rarely leads to success, because medium-sized companies have usually a completely different target group and, above all, a different image. Those who imitate content are more likely to damage their relationships with customers and suppliers than to intensify them. The target group focuses on added value and good cooperation; therefore, SMEs should reflect on their traditional values and not pretend – not even online!
  5. Don't follow every trend but stay informed: companies should always be aware of the latest developments and hypes in social media. What is not yet relevant in B2B today may be a "must have" in the coming months. Nobody knows where the journey will take us in the next few years.

By MediaBUZZ