The Internet Show Asia, now in its third year, will bring Asia’s biggest and best gathering of the digital community for non-stop networking, learning and innovation.

This year’s show has six co-located conferences to maximize the digital learning, sharing and exploring with leading speakers from around Asia.

Digital explorers will discover all new ways of:

  • Driving up the ROI of their online marketing spend
  • Closing the gap between their company and their customers with social media
  • Leveraging on creative web and video content to grow their revenue
  • Boosting sales with multi-channel marketing strategies and sale points
  • Building a flexible and agile IT department with the cloud
  • Growing their competitive advantage within the ever exciting e-space

The six co-located conferences cover the key areas in our ever expanding digital marketplace in Asia:

  1. Digital Advertising World Asia
  2. Social Media World Asia
  3. Cloud Computing World Asia
  4. Content Management World Asia
  5. On-LiVe Asia
  6. e-Commerce & Payments World Asia

Follow the show’s blog for all the latest updates from the show’s speakers, partners, and digital experts from around Asia and indeed the world.

Enhance and expand your knowledge and skills as a digital leader. Be a change agent for your company while delivering real and tangible improvements to your human capital capabilities and capacities. The wealth of connections, knowledge and new ideas should arm all digital explorers to succeed in an ever competitive and ever growing digital marketplace in Asia.

By Roger Stadler