The digital agency Reading Room recently organized an event on Smart and Effective Mobile Innovation, where I once again got a chance to meet Joerg Krahnert, Managing Director of Netbiscuits' Asian headquarters in Singapore.

The business infrastructure and superb strategic regional location of the 'Island Republic' make it an ideal choice for Netbiscuits expansion plans that uses Singapore as a springboard to access the entire region.

With the rapid increase of smartphones, tablets and other smart mobile devices; end users are consuming more and more digital content whilst on the move. However, the proliferation of these mobile devices has rendered the mobile environment highly fragmented, which is where the German company comes in. Netbiscuits' Mobile Cloud Platform was developed to provide an attractive development environment and highly efficient publishing platform. The mobile sites and apps built there guarantee maximum mobile reach, especially as they are highly customized, personalized and deliver optimal mobile browsing experience. By leveraging the cloud, the platform promises to be more dynamic and viable, hence escalating business productivity and performance efficiency. That apart, via the cloud, customers have a greater market reach and gain a significant competitive edge.

According to Netbiscuits, mobile websites are the easiest and most efficient way to create cross-platform mobile experiences by utilizing industry standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The company provides adaptive UI components, they call them "Biscuits", which let you efficiently create touch and non-touch optimized mobile experiences.

Further, Netbiscuits includes pre-built mobile websites for various industries and appliances, providing a solid foundation for getting to market quickly. The pre-built web applications are based on best practices and can be customized to individual needs, with full access to Netbiscuits' sophisticated mobile marketing web tools, an open development environment for mobile web application customization, and the efficiency and power of next-generation mobile cloud computing.

Looking at the digital marketing industry, it seems like the future belongs to mobile and Netbiscuits is on the road to success. What's important now is to make use of the opportunities the mobile internet opens up, such as display banners, branding to rich media or click-to-video - provided that usability is satisfying, which means that sites load quickly and look good on multiple devices and operating systems. Striking are the various targeting methods based on factors such as location, past behavior, time of day and demographics which can help to make mobile ads extremely effective. Mobile is a channel for driving more focused engagement with consumers, whom in turn respond with greater enthusiasm.

With renowned customers such as eBay, Universal Music, MTV Networks, or Time Inc. and a persistent drive to expand and enhance their product portfolio, we can expect to see Netbiscuits growing even stronger in the coming years.

By Daniela La Marca