Optimize your newsletter for mobile readers by considering a few simple suggestions:

Create optimal usability

It is obvious and therefore shouldn't be neglected: the recipient of your e-mail is mobile, which means is on the go, does not have much time and expects to receive information and offers with just one click. Thus, make it as easy as possible for him to find his way in your newsletter. Subject lines or sender data that are too long are frequently cut off, so that the recipient of the contents of the mailing can't fully grasp. Concise, brief details convince instead at this point. Don't forget to leave even in short emails sufficient space between the text and links so that the touch-screen remains easy to operate.

Adjust the layout accordingly

Different operating systems, resolutions, or mail clients means that the design of the mobile mailings should be tested on the most common devices, for example with the Inxmail newsletter software that can provide a direct preview of what it would look like on the iPhone.

Avoid Flash, JavaScript, frames and pop-ups on mobile websites or landing pages, since some devices cannot correctly display such sites. In addition, readers should also get the opportunity to read the newsletter on a web version, so therefore a link comes with the territory.

The average resolution of a smartphone is 320 x 480 pixels. Art design and visuals must be mobile-compatible, which means small enough but still readable, especially since not all are using flat data rates. Users who cannot or do not want to view pictures should see alternative texts that should be maintained by ALT tags.

Deliver relevant content

In mobile mailings the content must be more convincing than anywhere else. Reduce any complexity to the essentials and concentrate on the intention of the recipient in reading the newsletter. Successful email marketing is based on a deep understanding of target groups and a decided content strategy. In mCommerce, the small display especially hampers the sales strategy, so it is more important to have in mind relevant and succinct content. On the most personal of all technical equipment, junk mail is more annoying than on the fixed PC. Contact options provide an additional return path for the receiver.

Expand your mailing list continuously

Via the mobile channel the distribution list for your newsletter can be enhanced and expanded. Therefore, set always up a prominent registration link to the mailing on your mobile website version. Another possibility to generate readers is the direct log-on at the point of sale, in addition to the option for customers to register via SMS in the local store for the mobile mailing.

Conduct tests periodically

Testing is the alpha and omega in email marketing and applies mutatis mutandis to mobile mailing. Whether layout, usability, content focus or link placement for optimum usability - have different test runs. Only then will your mobile email campaign be a success and open up a new audience for you.

By Daniela La Marca