7_sitecoreSitecore was defined as one of the market leaders in Web Content Management by Gartner in their recently released Magic Quadrant. The company has more than 700 certified partners in around 50 countries around the world and Asian e-Marketing thought it could be of interest to give you an overview of what Sitecore has to offer, taking into consideration the topic of the month which is “Content Marketing”.

Customer engagement platform for 1-to-1 conversations across any channel

The key to success for any organization is to know what works and what doesn’t to improve the bottom line. However, web, email, social, mobile and other channels that are operating in siloes, make it difficult to measure them against each other and implement cohesive marketing strategies.

Sitecore’s Customer Engagement Platform provides an elegant, integrated solution that connects channels, engagement automation, and engagement analytics, with external tools and databases. Their solution offers Microsoft Office-like editing capabilities and an intuitive interface that users of all skill levels will love. In-depth analytics can measure campaign success, site traffic and visitor behavior down to the individual level. Engagement automation enables communicating with customers across all channels and efficiently moving prospects through the sales funnel. In addition, profile and persona scoring helps to design a personalized user experience that will have visitors coming back for more content management.

Content Management: Making emails, mobile and web content work together

Your emails, mobile content and webpages need to work together to create a solid shared frame-of-reference – to get everyone “on the same page” so to speak. This helps your prospective customers ask smarter questions and make faster decisions. In addition, providing useful, timely online information can reduce help-desk traffic.

The tricky part is to channel the right information to the right person. That’s because what’s right for one person, may not be right for the next. And bombarding everyone in sight with every bit of information you have is almost never the best strategy.

Sitecore‘s Web Content Management (WCM) solution provides an enormous degree of personalization, plus tools for monitoring the effectiveness of each of your online conversion funnels. Its main features are:

  • Easy-to-use interface: Quickly create engaging sites with Sitecore’s next-generation interface, lauded by marketers, developers, and editors for its incredible ease of use. The windows-like interface allows intuitive use, where you can edit right on the pages themselves. This ease of use reduces coding and administrative efforts.
    • Content editing: Even casual users can easily edit content right on the page with the familiar editing environment and Microsoft Office-style ribbon interface, which makes it easier to keep your site fresh and relevant and to optimize content and increase conversions.
    • Design flexibility: Create page layouts without coding using our design and template tools. Deliver an optimized design for a compelling, pixel-perfect visitor experience, without IT effort and create landing pages with minimal HTML experience. The WCM solution makes use of standard .NET controls and/or XSL.
    • Community and social media:Build a community on your site with Sitecore's out-of-the-box blogs, wikis, forums, polls, and more. Plus, easily integrate with social media sites. Easily turn on email-a-friend and other built-in features, or engage your visitors with user-created content. This feature gives visitors more ways to interact with your company.
    • Multilingual sites:Build and manage your websites in any language to attract and convert more customers by speaking to them in their native language while ensuring that you send out a consistent global message. This functionality allows you to streamline and control the translation process to ensure a compelling localized experience.
    • Digital asset management: Easily organize, secure and utilize hundreds or thousands of text files, movies, images, PDFs, and more by "dragging-and-dropping" in Sitecore’s Media Library. Use metadata and alt tags for privacy requirements and integrate with your current DAM solution.
    • Multisite deployment: Manage all your web properties from a single management platform and enforce brand consistency while expanding your web presence. Deploy and manage tens or hundreds of sites, and share common elements across any or all sites while gaining efficiency and control with a single platform.

    Digital Marketing System - Analytics, Automation and Personalization

    Understand campaign and site performance and gain the insight you need to improve conversion rates and generate more qualified leads through web, email, mobile and social channels:

    • Email Marketing: Create relevant, compelling email campaigns to attract more visitors to your site, engage with them, and convert them into customers.
    • Adaptive Print Studio: Break down the silos between your online and print content to deliver more dynamic, personalized print media. With the best of the web brought to print, you can rapidly deploy web assets into printed materials.
    • Engagement Automation: Automate interactions with your customers and prospects with a unified system that remembers previous visitor history to continue ongoing, personalized conversations.
    • Sales Intelligence: Give sales what it needs to engage more meaningfully and close more deals: immediate notification of qualified leads and improved customer knowledge.

    Solution Accelerators - Pre-built extensions for the Sitecore solution

    Meet additional site needs with Sitecore solutions for E-Commerce, Intranet, community and multisite management.

    • E-Commerce: Attract new visitors to your site, optimize your conversion rates, and keep those customers coming back for more.
    • Intranet Portal: Bring your workforce together and empower them to share their knowledge and experience with others in the organization.
    • Foundry – Multisite Solution: Take advantage of centralized management to effectively and efficiently provision and manage tens, hundreds, or even thousands of sites.
    • Community Solution Accelerator: Build stronger brand experiences and engagement throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

    Sitecore launched the first Web Content Management system that incorporated marketing automation, mobile web, intranet portal, e-commerce, Web optimization, and campaign management technologies into a cohesive, integrated Web Content Management platform. The company’s suite of products combines and utilizes a deep understanding of marketing and sales in applying cutting edge online technology. (Source: www.sitecore.net)

    By MediaBUZZ