5sliderocketPeople get hooked faster and more directly by visuals than by words. Visuals have an immediate impact on the viewer’s emotions and feelings, and enable a more immediate engagement.

And since “Content is King”, presenting the content to make it most appetizing and easy to consume keeps the King on his throne.

Sliderocket‘s SlideBook on visual content marketing demonstrates the power of visuals well. Therefore, we would like to share with you, a short summary of the content, and since we don‘t want to keep the visual presentation of this SlideBook from you, we‘ve embedded it.


How to brainstorm visual content

  • Ask your customers, sales and customer care;
  • Recycle your content - turn text-based content into infographics and presentations, e.g. whitepapers, blogs, e-books, online presentations, newsletters;
  • Create a mindmap.

People love sharing visual content

  • Post your best boldest images to social media with a link to your larger content.

Four quick tips for visual content

  • Know your audience and direct your content toward customer pain points or emerging trends;
  • Simplicity: give every design element a purpose and don‘t decorate content;
  • Emotion/Insight: Include „aha“, emotional or giggle moments to make sure the message sticks;
  • Be creative

By MediaBUZZ