6marketoMarketo did an interesting 46-slide presentation on Visual Content Marketing that we would like to summarize for your convenience.

According to Marketo, visual is the future. And indeed, as we usually don‘t have enough time to read all information that are at our disposal, visual content is a perfect solution, since images are in general telling more than text.


Marketo advises to observe the following for a successful visual marketing campaign:


A good infographic makes sense and leaves the viewer informed and delighted.


Key takeaways of this presentation:

And how do you reach the right people with your content?

With intuitive on-page optimization, making it easy for others to view, share and embed your content, with targeted social buttons and embed codes. You also reach your audience with efficient distribution by partnering and co-branding your content, or by identifying and building relationships with the most relevant media outlets.

If you would like to look at the complete presentation, click here

By MediaBUZZ