18_vzaarAs demand for video by internet users continues to grow, vzaar Ltd, a leading online video hosting platform, is experiencing exponential growth of its easy-to-use, flexible and affordable video hosting solution for businesses across the globe.

Founded in 2007, vzaar’s main intention was to build an online platform that should help eBay sellers supercharge their businesses with video. In September that year, vzaar went live with the most amazingly easy to use system eBay sellers had ever used for video. The following year, vzaar 2.0 was launched for the community beyond eBay, allowing all kind of online businesses to integrate professional video players into their sites, as well as real engagement with potential customers by merchandising their products and services, besides offering product tours and much, much more.

The success has accelerated the development of the platform and expansion of the team and brought in investors, such as e.g. Oliver Stone the celebrated film Director. To no surprise, vzaar's professional quality online video platform has become even more sophisticated and is appreciated by media companies, marketing agencies, corporate communications, e-commerce, web applications and non-profit organizations.

vzaar offers secure quality video hosting and streaming, totally customizable video players, and video marketing tools to a variety of online businesses with very different requirements. A recently added feature makes it even easier than ever before to create a unique, branded video player page for eCommerce and online businesses.

In general, it is very important for online businesses to use a video hosting service that maintains brand consistency across all its online channels, whether hosted at the site or at customer and affiliate sites. In contrast to YouTube and other online video hosts that only offer a narrow range of configurable design attributes and controls, vzaar provides full control over the environment in which a video appears. The design patterns, colors, text, titles, logos, links, special offers, etc., around the vzaar video player are all totally customizable. For instance, in addition to building upon any of the three customizable templates currently offered by vzaar, creatives can also instantaneously import a color scheme, background and logo straight from a Twitter account.

“Branded Video Pages serve as a home base for your video content. Every video receives a totally customizable webpage available immediately upon upload that is designed with one purpose: to showcase your work,” says Dan Rees-Jones, Head of Customer Support at vzaar. “This is extremely valuable to any business with video to share – they do not need to build an entirely new page on their own site to deliver cuts to clients for approval, share content on Twitter and Facebook, or circulate company training videos internally.”

vzaar’s refreshingly easy to use interface intuitively formats video content for audiences across the globe, ensuring it’s playable on every device on the planet. Built expressly for businesses with a service or product to promote, vzaar comes preloaded with all the customization, security and analytical tools needed to get the job done.

By Daniela La Marca