11_choosingVideos, placed on websites, visually explain complex content, present products and services, or aim to enhance the corporate image. Good online video management solutions can assist companies in reaching their customers in an exceptional way, since moving images create lasting impressions and present complex content in an easy to understand manner.

Companies should consider the following when investing in a video management solution:

  1. Simplicity: user friendly solutions can, for instance, automatically convert the video and with just one click provide the download in the desired format - this saves time and money, as time consuming manual video converting becomes unnecessary;
  2. User friendly integration: it should easily be possible to integrate the video management solution into the existing content management system.
  3. Simple video editing: editing videos online allows for more flexibility and is another factor which can save a tremendous amount of time and money;
  4. Flexible publishing: with the rise in mobile video consumption via smartphones and tablets, and the growing popularity of social media platforms, it is a must to be able to publish video content with one click in the adapted format to the designated platform;
  5. High quality images: razor-sharp images, e.g. in a live stream, are a crucially important criterion to many companies;
  6. Inter-activeness: video should be able to display additional interactive features to allow for an individual adaption and optimized presentation. Segmentation of content into chapters, which can be individually selected, is also recommended;
  7. Statistics and analysis functionalities: Companies should keep an eye on a well-structured system of user rights and user management, which makes administration a lot easier. Extensive statistical and analytical functionalities should assist in understanding user behavior and provide in depth analysis;
  8. Cloud computing: video management solutions offering SaaS services have a clear advantage - investments for converting video formats are obsolete and maintenance and development costs can be kept down;
  9. Security: User safety should be ensured by adequate SSL encoding;
  10. Multiple screen connectivity: mobile video consumption is on the rise, and a good video management solution should provide maximum connectivity to all devices such as smartphones and tablets. HTML5 support should be standard.

Companies are reaching their target groups worldwide with innovative solutions, the right content, and compelling web experiences on all sorts of devices.

Publishing video content, flexible integration, analyzing user reactions and ensuring data safety should be easily possible with the right video management solution.

By Anjum Siddiqi