15_avoidingWebsites, nowadays, are not impressing at all without moving image content. The variety of opportunities that videos have to offer is simply immense. However, the more video files a company has, the more difficult it becomes to manage them and to identify a suitable provider for the best and most efficient hosting.

Businesses should be aware of the following pitfalls:
1. Quality of streaming: Whether live streaming, mobile video on demand, or clips on the company PC, the video provider should know the requirements for the appropriate utilization and deliver the video adapted - depending on the device – in best quality. Further, the system should also be able to bridge firewalls and delays in the transmission
2. Mobile video on demand: Are you delivering videos which are optimized for mobile? If the HTML5 standard is not integrated, there is a risk that your videos can’t be played on iPhones or iPads, which means you would lose a potentially important target group. It’s a fact that the majority of mobile queries are performed on Apple products.
3. Rights and data protection: Lawyers raise awareness of the problems associated with usage rights and remind you to make sure that you keep the rights to the video, and to ensure that you have the right to publish videos on various other platforms.
4. Hosting of files: Recommended are providers that can act as distributor and supply to several portals and social media channels at once - so you can keep track of their video distribution. Assigning different user rights on the system is also useful where possible, so that third parties, such as service or production companies, can upload content directly into the system, without being able to delete it. That saves time and resources.
5. Manage a variety of formats: A video has been edited and the original file can’t be traced? That shouldn’t happen. Make sure that your original material remains safe, even if it is edited and converted into different formats. And if you can’t manage video format conversion flexibly, you should look for another provider.

By Daniela La Marca