AmpleroGlobys, the leading innovator in contextual marketing, announced the launch of Amplero, a self-optimizing personalization solution for mobile marketing campaigns powered by machine learning. The big data analytics company is specialized in contextual marketing and revenue analytics. Its Amplero solution combines controlled experimentation and machine learning to help brands in banking, telecommunications, gaming and hospitality deliver highly personalized and contextual campaigns that maximize mobile campaign performance. For more than 15 years now, Globys delivers out-of-the box SaaS solutions to help brands accelerate time to market and minimize their operational costs.

Existing personalization platforms depend in general on manually designed and developed rules for targeting and marketers still rely on traditional testing and optimization tools, although they have spent years fine-tuning their campaign targeting rules. They continue to use A/B testing to run experiments and try to analyze as many customer segments as possible by using business intelligence. However, with the growth in customer data, the traditional tools cannot keep pace and development of targeting rules becomes a bottleneck to campaign performance.

The new Amplero solution uniquely leverages a continuous cycle of self-designed experimentation and machine learning to automatically discover and execute the optimal experience – i.e., the experience producing the highest revenue lift – for each customer throughout the entire customer journey. The solution uses science-based target and control groups to test thousands of combinations of customer, experience and execution contexts rapidly and then applies a range of analytics over hundreds of variables to find targeting optimizations with statistically valid lift.

Concisely, Amplero features an interactive web user interface with cutting-edge visualization for customer behavior analytics, configuration of marketing strategies, and performance and business impact reporting.

The benefit of the Amplero's machine learning is that it eliminates the process of designing, developing, testing, and optimizing targeting rules by automatically discovering the conditions and context of optimal targeting. Because of a machine-automated approach, Amplero is able to optimize marketing 200-500% better than manually coded targeting rules.

"Granularity is the key to breaking the 80/20 rule where twenty percent of the customers deliver eighty percent of the campaign result," said Dr. Olly Downs, chief scientist at Globys. "Amplero scores experiences in thousands of contexts to ensure the other eighty percent of the customers get the experience that is relevant for them."

Based on customer deployments, Amplero is proven to increase performance over the targeting rule approach significantly, allowing marketers to score revenue uplift across thousands of different machine learned contexts to target customer populations of hundreds to thousands precisely with the optimal experience. Besides, benchmarks in customer studies show that, as targeting granularity increases, so does the performance of the campaign.