SMFThis year, the Singapore Institute of Management(SIM) will combine two of its most successful and longest running hallmark events - the SIM Annual Management lecture (AML) and SIM Professional Interest Group Convention (IGC) - to the Singapore Management Festival, held at the Marina Mandarin Singapore, 3-5 September 2015.

Themed “New Mindsets for a new World”, the festival is designed to prepare today’s business leaders, senior management and professionals to adapt and thrive in a fast-changing regulatory and business environment which serve to position Singapore as the world’s first Smart Nation. The festival is the first business management seminar to be held in Singapore that caters to the needs of a cross-section of managers.

"In today’s highly competitive business environment, executives need to have an agile mindset that is adaptable and responsive to the challenges they can be expected to face. The underlying aspirations of the Singapore Government’s bold initiative to build a Smart Nation will further up the ante.Those who ride the wave will "be at the table", those who do not shall "be on the menu", borrowing the words from former DPM Prof Jayakumar's latest book, said Ronald Tan, Executive Director of SIM. “We aim to spark business innovation through immersive seminars that will educate participants as to the latest management trends and strategies. They can expect to come away equipped with tools to stimulate fresh collaborations as well as foster innovative ideas and solutions that are essential for business success”, he stated.

A series of globally renowned thinkers and change-leaders will deliver the keynote speeches for each seminar. Speakers are the noted physicist and futurist, Dr. Michio Kaku; the foremost authority on Global Competition, Prof Gordon Hewitt; industry innovator and business maverick, Bernard Harrison; and the author Scott Anthony, who is the managing director of Innosight Asia-Pacific.

The festival hosts are former Mediacorp news anchor Viswa Sadasivan and public speaking coach Eric Feng.

The first day features a ‘Senior Management Roundtable’ workshop designed for C-suite,top management and senior executives. The second and thirddays offer seminars for all levels of management ranging from senior leaders to PMEs

Professor Gordon Hewitt believes in the importance of changing one’s mindset in order to gain success: “Executives today face new competitive realities. Their landscape is shifting in highly unfamiliar ways as traditional industry maps give way to more ambiguous fluid spaces whose characteristics are perpetually morphing. The advent of the digital revolution as well as de-regulation and re-regulation has tremendous impact on industries such as healthcare, entertainment, energy, telecommunications, financial services and consumer electronics. It is easy to see why the central challenge for strategy is the capacity to shape industry evolution and the need to rethink the nature of the game and the rules.”

The Festival is delighted to have Six Capital as this year’s principal partner. Six Capital’s innovative business, tied to the importance it places on innovation, developing skills and training, makes it an ideal partner.

Six Capital’s Founder and Chief Dealer, Patrick Teng commented, “The Singapore Management Festival is an exceptional event that underscores Six Capital’s core belief - that to succeed in today’s fast evolving business environment, business leaders and entrepreneurs need to be innovative and adaptable in order to identify opportunities and achieve success. The Festival represents a wonderful opportunity for a wide cross-section of Singaporeans to come together, exchange ideas, ask questions and learn from some of the best, most creative minds in business today.

The seminars and workshop will also feature the following speakers who will address one of the three key management trends - Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving, Disruptive Innovation and Future Technology:

• Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Founder and CEO of Crowdsourcing Week;
• Dr Loretta Chen, Creative and Business Development Director of VMSD Pte Ltd;
• Gan Shi Ying, Chief Operations Officer, Medi-dollar of Six Capital;
• Ken Hickson, Chairman and CEO of Sustain Ability Showcase Consultancy Asia;
• Frank Lavin, Chairman and CEO of Export Now;
• Ryan Lim, Entrepreneur, Founding Partner and Principal Consultant of QED Consulting;
• Wong Loke Yeow, Director of Security Solutioning and Professional Services, Enterprise Security of Singtel Group Enterprise;
• Han Keen Juan, Executive Chairman of Old Chang Kee;
• Dr Jeremy Lim, Partner and Head of Health & Life Sciences at Oliver Wyman.

By MediaBUZZ