rabbit-eMarketingOnline shops are aware of the problem: If they want to send personalized mailings to their customers, the distribution must often be throttled as otherwise the shop collapses. The reason are the constant queries between shop system- and email dispatch tools to display information from the product database in the mailing. This can cause many sending errors and consequently loss of revenue.


To resolve this issue, the agency rabbit eMarketing has developed a tool that provides content data with no performance loss in individual mailings.

The Content Consolidation Factory (CCF) is a tool for real one-to-one communication in email marketing. The web-based CCF operates system independently and can be connected via an interface to all available data sources of the site operator. Large interventions in the IT are not necessary. The content data simply runs on standard XML feed into the CCF. This includes information from the product database, such as descriptions, pictures, prices, reviews and recommendations from the recommendation engine. A conversion of the databases into the CCF is not necessary: The data remains with the company and double data maintenance is eliminated. In case the shop owner changes the name of a product for instance, it is automatically changed through the CCF in the mailing.

Send highly personalized mailings in real time 

With the Content Consolidation Factory (CCF), rabbit eMarketing simplifies the linking of any email software with the various data sources, taking away the website and shop operators worries, explained Nikolaus von Graeve, CEO of rabbit eMarketing GmbH. “Our simple, integrated solution targets companies that want to operate one-to-one dialogs without tying up too much their own IT capacity”, he said.

The CCF creates ready-to-send mailings that can be distributed automatically via any dispatch software. Due to the elimination of requests between the various data sources, performance problems are excluded from the beginning. Another advantage is the speed pf sending: The highly personalized emails can reach many recipients in near real time, because the mails are sent on demand or pre-stored in the cache of the CCF.

Various mailing types with individual texts and images

By using the Content Consolidation Factory, the recipients get highly personalized mailings on various occasions. For example, a specific behavior on the website can trigger mailings, such as the download of documents or identify increased interest in certain products without purchase. Even lifecycle mailings, cross-selling and loyalty programs can be created. Other examples of possible mailing types are those that are directly related to an order, such as transaction mails, emails at the date of delivery, returns of goods or cart abandonment. However, not only the texts of the mailings can be individualized, through the use of intelligent image rendering, even matching product or wallpapers can be imported.

"Email marketing appears to be a trailblazer for genuine one-to-one communication. It will not be long until individual content can be displayed regardless of device and channel arbitrarily," states von Graeve.

By Daniela La Marca