newstag1Joining over a dozen global charities, NGOs and non-profit organizations, The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) – the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide – has signed up with Newstag, the world’s largest online network for professionally produced video news. The multi-level agreement allows the initiative to fundraise through the Stockholm-based video news service.

Newstag’s pioneering and innovative approach to the distribution and consumption of news brings together video news stories from professional content producers around the world, including AP, AFP and Reuters, as well as top brands. By radically rebalancing the traditional relationships between industry stakeholders, Newstag aims to make journalism sustainable through a proper funding stream.

The ‘mobile-first’ service enables users to create their own ‘tagstream’ (or personalized TV channel) in seconds, organizing, consuming and sharing the stories that they care about among their social networks using the latest web and mobile technologies. The wide variety of stories from trusted sources ranges from entertainment to current affairs. Besides that, these stories are available from a number of different perspectives, putting users at the heart of the experience and in complete control. The result is a platform that allows converging viewpoints to be presented side by side, creating contrasting frames of reference.
Alongside this, Newstag is not just about understanding the world, it also offers users a unique opportunity to make a difference. Consumers can take action by supporting causes and research they believe are important. Hence, parts of Newstag’s revenues are available for users to allocate to charitable, NGO and NPO partners, such as WFP. The more they watch and share, the higher their impact

Charities, NGOs and agencies joining this new media model will also be able to provide video news content to users on international initiatives, using the platform to both fundraise and communicate.

WFP Head of Television Communications, Jonathan Dumont says: “The United Nations World Food Program has an obligation to inform the public about what we are doing to help make this world a Zero Hunger world. As the UN’s frontline emergency relief organization, we have an inherent relationship with news organizations by providing content and information that helps them tell the humanitarian side of the story. Working with outlets like Newstag takes the relationship one-step further by providing an opportunity for information providers and consumers to give back. That can make a world of difference to those who need help the most.”

Newstag Chairman and Founder, Camilla Dahlin-Andersson, added: “This link with The United Nations World Food Program goes to the heart of Newstag’s new media model – creating value while enabling charities, NGOs and international agencies to tell their story. This multi-faceted relationship will transform the role of users by providing them with a unique opportunity to have real impact on the world around them.”

Newstag has rapidly expanded its network of commercial and content partners in recent months as it gears up to launch its application, which is currently in beta stage. The company opened recently a Cairo bureau and received a $1.3m investment from a group of private and institutional investors.

By MediaBUZZ