relvantechThe mobile ad tech company Glispa Global Group announced the acquisition of Tel Aviv-based carrier distribution company RelevanTech to further strengthen its position as one of the top independent players in the mobile industry.

RelevanTech partners with mobile carriers around the world to preload its app discovery tool on mobile devices. The app offers a native user experience and preloaded content for quick and easy one-click installs. RelevanTech is a fully digital suite, providing an alternative revenue stream for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), carriers and distributors.

Glispa’s global reach of over 1 billion users and more than 400 billion ad impressions per month will be strengthened through direct, high-quality traffic from RelevanTech’s premium user base, acquired through its network of mobile carriers and device manufacturers. This will bolster the company’s user acquisition offerings for global brands and app developers.

“Our vision is for our app discovery tool to be on every device worldwide”, says Dekel Boni, Co-Founder and CEO of RelevanTech. “With Glispa being so excellently placed in the ad tech space, due to their extensive technological and business expertise, we’re looking forward to achieving this vision together.”

Additionally, RelevanTech will fuel Glispa’s Audience Platform (GAP), by providing first-hand user-level data at a global scale. This, in turn, provides a sophisticated approach to audience segmentation, which allows behavioural targeting capabilities for Glispa’s international advertisers in addition to demographic targeting.

Glispa’s acquisition of RelevanTech delivers new acquisition opportunities, providing advertisers with:

  • High-quality users: a new, premium user acquisition source for the Glispa Performance Network;
  • Data enrichment & enhanced targeting capabilities: a sophisticated approach to audience segmentation, due to vast amounts of combined data;
  • Significant new reach: advanced promotion of advertiser clients’ apps to larger audiences of highly-targeted mobile consumers

“With consolidation happening all over the ad tech industry, we continue to pursue acquisitions that accelerate our growth and solidly position Glispa as a full-service mobile marketing platform”, says Dora Lakatos, Senior VP of Global Growth at Glispa. “The RelevanTech solution perfectly complements our ad tech suite and offers a brand-new premium distribution channel to our customers, enabling global advertisers to maximize their potential and reach new audiences.”

The acquisition of RelevanTech rounds off a year of four, high-profile, strategic acquisitions as part of the company’s continued drive to become a major player in ad tech. Glispa’s monetization offerings received a boost through native monetization platform Ampiri as well as the recent acquisition of native programmatic exchange Avocarrot. In addition, by securing the Brazilian mobile advertising company MOBILS last year, Glispa could strengthen its position in the LATAM region.

By MediaBUZZ