trainthecrowdQualtrics launched in partnership with its training partner TrainTheCrowd,  a new customized XM training program that aims to help businesses maximize their investment in Qualtrics technology by creating a sustainable community of experts. Qualtrics is one of the first providers of XM technology to deliver in-person training in Asia Pacific and Japan.

The Qualtrics training program offers access to customized hands-on courses and instructor-led training - delivered both on-site and remotely - providing users with an end-to-end education of the Qualtrics XM Platform. Businesses participating in the program will benefit from an accelerated and enhanced return on investment.

“Being able to compete on experience is a significant competitive advantage in today’s fast moving markets, with businesses and government departments using Qualtrics achieving unmatched value through our ability to deliver real-time, meaningful insights. The combination of Qualtrics’ industry leading technologies and TrainTheCrowd’s tried and tested training programs will help all organizations unlock maximum value from their efforts - including long-term cost efficiencies through to improved platform expertise. Qualtrics is excited to launch one of the first in-person XM training programs providing support and expertise to overcome today’s biggest challenges,” said Brigid Archibald, Managing Director for Qualtrics in APJ.

Qualtrics training programs can be customized to meet attendee needs based on their level of experience with the technology, unique needs, and business challenges. Training is delivered between 1-3 days and offers 8 modules to help users manage entire projects across the XM Platform. At launch, training modules are available for Qualtrics CoreXM and Qualtrics CustomerXM, with more to be added soon.

“Our experience delivering tailored training solutions for software implementations has shown us the importance of providing end users with the right skills and knowledge to maximize the power of technology. We are excited to be partnering with Qualtrics to offer structured training solutions that will empower customers to work smarter with their cutting-edge software. We are honoured to be playing a key role in growing the global community of trained Qualtrics professionals,” said Alice Hodgson, Founder and Managing Director, TrainTheCrowd.

According to Martin Dunn, Delivery Manager, TrainTheCrowd. “Training delivered by Qualtrics and TrainTheCrowd is suitable for all users of the platform - whether they are new to the suite of XM technologies, growing their team, or simply want a refresher. Experience is undoubtedly the new battleground for business, and TrainTheCrowd is proud to partner with the leader and creator of this exciting category to help businesses find and capitalize on the significant opportunities it presents.”

The program builds upon the range of Qualtrics training options in APJ, including Qualtrics Basecamp - a free on-demand learning platform featuring 30+ hours of training and 60+ courses - and the new Qualtrics XM Certification Program. Qualtrics Training Programs delivered by TrainTheCrowd are available globally. To find out more visit (Source: Qualtrics)

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