reply1Reply, specializing in the development and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media, opened the second Reply center after the AREA 360 in Milan in late 2019. The Immersive Experience Area in Munich is mainly based on the experience of Infinity Reply, that are committed to Extended Reality solutions for companies, and Triplesense Reply, which specializes in the creation of digital experiences.

With the Immersive Experience Area, Reply underscores its commitment to supporting companies in seizing the opportunities that result from the combination of Extended Reality (XR), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR).

The center has virtual and augmented reality stations with holographic telepresence technology and combines them with potential real experiences that cross the boundaries between the physical and virtual world.

Reply has already successfully completed numerous projects with leading companies, such as a project to evaluate 5G as a transfer technology for VR content on mobile devices to support automotive sales in the future. In the immersive experience area, a virtual reality simulation of a medium-voltage switchgear shows the use of VR in an industrial training context. In addition, the holographic telepresence solution HoloBeam from Reply enables 3D teleconferencing and remote collaboration via 3D depth, motion and full-color video - via a standard Internet connection in real time worldwide.


The way we perceive and interact with the virtual world is changing into a rich, multidimensional and multimodal experience. We are moving from the age of "Hands & Touch", in which we operate buttons with our hands, to an age of "Mind & Body", in which our body serves as the user interface. It will be the next big paradigm shift for customers and workforce facing Immersive Experiences.


By MediaBUZZ