GBCAIWalletGuardianGBC.AI, provider of cutting-edge proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) smart-blockchain technology, has announced its new Web3 security product, Wallet Guardian.

Designed to protect digital asset users against the growing number of threats to their wallets, Wallet Guardian combines cutting-edge AI and blockchain technology to offer three tools: X-ray, Real-Time Protection and Bridge Guardian, which can be rapidly deployed on top of wallet and browser environments to offer unrivalled visibility, protection, and control.

  1. The first tool launched within Wallet Guardian is X-ray. Before any smart contract interactions are approved by a user within their wallet, Wallet Guardian's X-ray feature will display a list of all the permissions and disclosures being requested by the new smart contract transaction. The tool will also allow users to browse and review all the outstanding permissions that their wallet has granted to other smart contracts. This also allows them to opt-out of any of these old permissions and mitigate potential risks which will ultimately provide users with greater oversight and control over their various smart contracts.
  2. Under the soon-to-be-launched Real-Time Protection tool, Wallet Guardian will also ensure users are notified of the risks or concerns detected in their Web3 environment which could pose a threat to their wallet. The testing and disclosure details will then become richer over time as the product evolves and through regular security updates.
  3. Finally, GBC.AI will be launching Bridge Guardian. Bridges – where a user transfers their assets from one network to the other – represent the most prevalent point of failure and create a specific set of risks for users. Bridge is GBC.AI's proprietary security solution designed to manage and mitigate these kinds of risks. Here the power of AI is applied to public historical data on bridge transfers, and then combined with proprietary simulation data testing bridging infrastructure performance under different conditions. Results from this analysis allows Bridge to intelligently monitor active network conditions on both sides of the bridge. If spurious or risky activities are detected, Bridge will notify the user.

Wallet Guardian's technology is based on enterprise-grade innovations by GBC.AI. This new consumer-centric product is part of GBC.AI's mission to be a leader in AI-empowered blockchain technology.

"To date, audit and monitoring services for Web3 environments have been the preserve of those willing (and able) to pay high fees," commented Pavel Entin, CEO of GBC.AI. "This runs counter to the individual-empowerment and inclusivity ideals that drive a lot of blockchain innovation as users are still missing the tools that help them to do their own research and protect their wallets. There is growing transparency and awareness about how our data is collected and used when we visit Web2 sites. Ironically, this is one area where Web3 environments have started to fall behind. Protection and active intelligence in the form of Wallet Guardian, will help put all this right and bring the power of AI to bear on the task", he explained.

By MediaBUZZ