MarketingProductionAutomationMarketing Production Automation (MPA) is an innovative, software-based solution concept to standardize and automate the production of various marketing content.

Many marketing organizations feel challenged by the production of marketing content being expensive, complicated, and too slow since it is the so-called bottleneck of marketing production.

Competent team resources are limited, the creation of content takes a lot of time, corporate design specifications are difficult to control and internal coordination including approvals also slow down the production processes. Not to mention the expenses for external agencies, or freelancers who support marketing teams in the production of content, that cannot be increased at will without negatively affecting the marketing ROI. In many cases, the need for content in marketing arises ad hoc and is therefore difficult to plan in advance.


The marketing production bottleneck is already slowing down many marketing teams and will continue to worsen in the coming years as the demand for digital and classic content will continue to rise. To solve this, a smart orchestrated use of different marketing technologies is necessary.

A non-technical, manual production process that cushions more content with more team resources or agency support is economically difficult and does not solve the problem in the long term.

On closer inspection, a lot of content in marketing is only an adaptation of existing content with only minor changes, checks or format variations. Nevertheless, these productions require time and budget. Individual content must be procured from various MarTech tools and systems or transferred there – often with time-consuming uploads and downloads and working with Excel lists.

Interlocking sub-tasks, such as graphic work or text creation are repeatedly implemented in processes that are not clearly defined. Coordination with specialist departments creates additional complexity. Everything together ties up valuable resources, is frustrating for the implementers, and can hardly be optimized or scaled.


MPA consists of a set of powerful modules that enable the automation of content production. Starting with the commissioning, through the standardized processing of complex workflows, the automatic production of content, to the transfer of finished online advertising material, landing pages or print materials to the MarTech systems involved via technical interfaces.

MPA is an attractive stack of different marketing technologies and combines market-leading partner solutions such as Adobe InDesign Server, Amazon Web Services, MPP.360, and censhare. Marketing organizations that use MPA benefit from the functional advantages of the different partner solutions, with different contract options or without having to integrate and operate them separately.

MPA was developed as a turnkey best-in-breed solution that can be used easily in ongoing marketing operations, based on a concrete use case without high initial investments, with all the associated purchasing and compliance processes. It is an attractive combination of pay-per-use license and fixed priced MarTech integration service, and it can also be used as part of a long-term enterprise license and integration model.