AICookiePopupOne of the most annoying problems when surfing the web is the obligatory cookie banner, which most users now just click away in frustration and often with the worst default setting for data protection.

A study shows how AI could solve the problem much smarter with an AI-based browser plugin.

Well-meant is often the opposite of well done, as shown by the mandatory cookie pop-ups when visiting a website, which are also prescribed in the EU by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are correspondingly widespread. Not only has each website created its own sometimes overloaded and complex structures that most website visitors despair of when they try to choose the most data protection-friendly option, the default setting is usually asking for permission to accept all cookies, and thus the free ticket for the advertising industry to learn everything about the visitor.

Most people click on "accept all" to move on quickly which is certainly not in the spirit of the inventor. There are browser plugins that do exactly that automatically or simply hide the already existing cookie banner, but in the future a better solution should be available that always selects the most data protection-friendly solution based on artificial intelligence, for instance, only accepts the most essential cookies.

A team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Google provide a preview of the study, titled CookieEnforcer: Automated Cookie Notice Analysis and Enforcement for more details. The fact is that with a hit rate of 91% for the world's 500 most well-known websites, it already seems to work quite well.

Unfortunately, CookieEnforcer is currently not freely available but at least it is said to come soon.

By MediaBUZZ