8motionActually, it‘s been a while since I came across a website that impressed me the way www.motionpictures.asia did. I even reloaded the intro, because I wanted to watch it again. Although it takes a bit too long to load, I love the way the site is designed, the intro is beautifully made - creative, puristic and self-explaining, making words unnecessary.

Alex‘s photographs are brilliant, this guy knows what he‘s doing. So if you are looking for someone to shoot quality footage for your brand, or are interested in great photography, have a look at what this company does.

motionpictures.asia is dedicated to fulfilling all of their clients visual needs. The company‘s unique strength is producing beautiful photographs and emotive video - both at the same time.

Shooting both types of rich media content on the same shoot with the same crew not only saves valuable time and money, but also creates a stronger brand identity through visual continuity. With the future of media being driven by the web, a combination of motion and pictures is essential to solidifying a company's core brand message across multiple media and delivery platforms. The company is based in Singapore, but has extensive experience shooting all over Asia, with a particular emphasis on the growing markets of India and China.

motion1The team is led by Alexander Manton, an American photographer, filmmaker and cross-cultural communicator who is based in Asia for nearly three decades. He understands the needs of American and European clients and at the same time understands how to get the job done in Asia. Alex has photographed in nearly every country in Asia, and very extensively in Singapore, China, and India.

For the past 20 years, Alex specialized in shooting corporate annual reports in Asia for clients from the US. He worked with some of the largest corporations in the world, lighting some of the most difficult locations you can imagine. While he now continues to shoot annual reports, his main focus has shifted to creating visuals for the hotel, resort, and travel industries, photographing beautiful people in beautiful places.

Over the past year, Alex added motion to the mix and is rediscovering his original love for photography by learning about the moving image and the creative challenges that it brings.

motion2Alex is able to create a unified body of work for his clients – incorporating both still and motion images – to tell a clear story across multiple media and delivery platforms.

In addition to the assignment work, that Alex has done for many years, he is also managing partner in Asia Images Group, one of the most respected stock photo agencies in Asia, specializing in travel, business and lifestyle images of Asian situations, with more than 40,000 images in the collection and worldwide representation by every major agency in the world including Getty Images and Corbis.

For more information or to view the entire collection, please visit asiaimagesgroup.com or check out Alex‘s complete portfolio at alexandermanton.com

By Anjum Siddiqi