5howVideo makes the world wide web go round, so, please take advantage of the opportunity that‘s out there in the world of online moving pictures. There is more to it than just embedding a YouTube video on your website.

In order to be really successful with your video strategy, be aware of the following:

No video without good content

Quite obviously, each well-crafted video contains a central message that is the reason why users are watching it. Still, please consider that the attention span of viewers is short and the bounce rate can be high. Thus, try to present the main points of the message in the first 10 to 15 seconds, as usually these seconds are crucial and decide whether the video is watched or clicked away. Providing a kind of orientation is another important point to consider, as a clear positioning is perceived gratefully. And last but not least, the video must be appealing, therefore, make sure that it is exciting, touching, surprising or funny to create emotions and makes the video stand out from the crowd.

Management as easy as pie with the right technology

Of course, content is the most important factor, but technology is becoming increasingly vital, since managing data easily is becoming a key criterion for organizations. A professional video management system should provide formats for all devices, integrate videos easily into other channels, such as social media, and ensure that the movies are always available for an unlimited number of people.

Experience High Definition (HD)

Best quality is a hallmark for professional videos. Long load times, or a pixelated image, will make most potential customers leave the page or stop the video immediately - no matter how appealing or interesting the content may be. Technology needs to work proactively, such as high image quality, adapting automatically to the user's Internet connection. For example, if a customer is watching a video on his smartphone and suddenly the 3G data connection breaks off, it means that the quality of the videos needs to be reduced automatically, so that the delivery can proceed even with a lower data connection such as e.g. EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution).

Share on all platforms

Certainly, the corporate video on the company's website makes sense, but to increase the range other platforms should be included as well - not to mention social media platforms, like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Even job portals can integrate image films easily to present the company in a more creative way. Stil, keep in mind, that almost every platform has its own player solution.

A dedicated player has many advantages

It can be easily integrated into any platform, can be adapted to the corporate design or company logo or lead, for example, to the company's corporate website. Compared to classified ads, this form of social network marketing is in general for free. To increase the reach, it is also possible to adjust the movies on video platforms. But be aware that there are about sixty hours of video uploaded each hour on YouTube alone. Your own video can quickly get lost among millions of others. In social networks, on the other hand, the video appears in the news feed of the "fans", making it more present.


When potential customers are excited about a product in a video, it is a good idea to lead them directly to the online store with a "call-to-action 'element. Through an interactive link, the user can get more information about a product or service and is actively encouraged to make a transaction. Of course, you can offer your customers in-video shopping as well, where they can add items to a shopping cart on screen while the video is playing.

The first impression counts

It sounds simple, but is often ignored. The opening image of a video - be it on Youtube, in Google search, on Facebook or on the company website - is critical in deciding whether the user clicks on the video and watches it or not. Therefore, the possibility of an individual, attractive opening image for the video should be given and used accordingly.

No disharmony between video and text

For illustration purposes, text is taken for granted, but videos enrich websites and give them a deeper impression. The short films provide additional information for the reader and a visual impression to the read article. The integration of a video also increases the time spent on a website, making it more attractive and cross-media, therefore, it is a perfect completion!

If companies heed these few tips for their online and video strategy, they have a good chance to improve their online presence significantly. Just keep in mind that in today's digital media world, the subtleties in the implementation make the individual reaction outstanding and unique, enthusing customers for a company.

By Daniela La Marca