3rulesEver since the advent of Youtube and fast Internet connections, videos got popular due to the relatively low production costs. Even small and medium businesses can use this trend for their online marketing, such as a hotel, for example, to lead their web visitors virtually through the lobby, restaurant and guest rooms, or a manufacturer of consumer durables, to explain their proper use or allowing their clients to talk about the merits of the products.

There is hardly a topic that can’t be visualized with an online video, but the marketing benefits can only be achieved if certain rules are adhered to.

So you might want to consider the following recommendations:

The message has to be right: If you want to get your marketing going with an online video, you should, of course, be able to show something that will help convert your web visitors to buyers or at least potential buyers. You can get attention, for instance, with problem solutions that your company has to offer. Don‘t just present subjectively colored commercials, but rather provide evidence that your product or service actually works, or simply emphasize on what sets you apart from your competition!

Do not overwhelm your visitors: No one will listen voluntarily to a more or less boring presentation for half an hour, therefore limit the duration of the video to a maximum of two minutes. And avoid scenes which are longer than around five seconds, as well as hectic changes that are typically seen in music videos. Details should alternate harmoniously with medium and long shots, since fast pans and fierce zooms are particularly stressful for the viewer. In case a spoken comment is planned, try paying attention to an accent-free and easily comprehensible pronunciation.

Make your video findable: What's the best online video worth if nobody sees it? Therefore, first of all place the film on your home page, framed by a brief statement and a reference to the run length. Since Google and other search engines usually index online videos in Flash format, the video should be extended implicitly with tags, which are keywords that describe the content and form part of the film. For the tags, a total of 120 are characters available. Video titles and file names, which should be identical, are at least as important for a good ranking with search engines. If you do not present your video directly from the server of your provider, but via a link to Youtube, there are even 1000 characters for your content description at your disposal.

The video market is continuing to grow at astonishing rates, so please take advantage of all the opportunity out there to push your brand forward!

By Daniela La Marca