iroinThe Influencer Performance Marketing startup IROIN entered into a strategic partnership with the AI specialist epicinsights to develop a scoring process designed to check the compatibility of influencers and branded channels in order to arrange campaigns properly beforehand.

In the future, we can therefore expect to see more AI and machine learning technologies to be used in influencer marketing to achieve greater scalability, better targeting, and higher conversions while maintaining maximum authenticity.

The first result of the partnership is an NLP-based scoring process called Brand Match that checks for compatibility between influencers and branded channels before the campaign starts. First customers making use of it are Zalando Lounge, Madvertise and Lovoo, according to IROIN.

The new Brand Match tool uses Natural Language Processing to identify how well influencers and branded channels fit together, IROIN co-founder Moritz Wasserek said, emphasizing that his company is looking forward to developing more tools and procedures with epicinsights mathematicians and linguists to further scale and optimize influencer marketing campaigns.

"We see that predictive analytics and machine learning, especially in digital advertising, can make a huge difference to the bottom line. CPIs and CPOs can be increased immensely simply by driving the stories that are told to achieve the desired goal using our technologies. We are delighted to be using our expertise in Influencer Marketing for the first time with IROIN”, says Michael Mörs, founder of epicinsights.

Further expansion stages of the brand match technology are being planned: in addition to the content analysis, the involvement of Instagram Audience in the matching algorithm will be integrated in the next step, making predictions about the expected performance of the placement possible.

How does it work?

Naturally, posting a traditional branding campaign loses its reach and appeal after a maximum of 48 hours. To increase the reach, IROIN uses a variety of techniques so that every fan of an influencer sees the creative at least once:

  • Brand Match: The scoring tool uses AI and machine learning technologies to ensure that influencers and brand channel work perfectly together.
  • Native advertising formats: all creatives are perfectly designed for the native advertising possibilities of Facebook and Instagram and equipped with the necessary call-to-action elements. Thus, a high involvement in the advertising material is achieved through the recognition value of the influencer and controlled by a perfect performance creative of the Facebook / Instagram advertising world.
  • Fan targeting: in long-term campaigns, IROIN plays ads only to reach the fans that the influencer has gained over the past three to six months. Thus, the media budget is optimally played to new user groups.
  • Lookalike audiences: based on the fans of the influencers, so-called lookalike audiences are formed, which have interacted with the advertising in various forms.
  • Influencer customer journey: it builds a complete customer journey, including A / B tests per influencer and creative, as well as predefined ad types from awareness to sale. This optimizes targeting and conversion over the campaign's duration, too.

By MediaBUZZ