760355Vaultize, a leader in enterprise file security, provides a mobile content management (MCM) platform facilitated through data access rights that allows corporate IT to prevent data loss on their mobile devices. In fact, Vaultize allows granular control over every file that passes through it, including whether files can be copied/pasted, shared, printed, emailed or opened in a third-party mobile app and more. This is possible through policy-driven control over the Vaultize mobile app and its built-in document editor.

Nevertheless, users get seamless access to their files on mobile devices with the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents and annotate PDF documents through the built-in editor. They can collaborate with other users in an organization as well as share the files with external users and can control third-party access parameters through embedded digital rights management.

Now, Vaultize's rights management integrates with mobile content management such that files shared through Vaultize mobile apps stay DRM-protected even after they are downloaded by the recipient on a device not under control of the company IT. In addition to the protection, the embedded DRM enables detailed tracking and auditing of shared files wherever they go - independent of location, device and user.

"In today's mobile world, traditional perimeter-based security controls and enterprise mobility management (EMM) controls are insufficient to meet the enterprise security challenges. Top enterprise mobility management (EMM) players added significant features over the last few years, trying to form a complete mobility solution. But they are still far away from ensuring 100% security of corporate data when the files move beyond the managed devices and get shared with the third-party", said Ankur Panchbudhe, CTO & Co-founder of Vaultize. "Content in mobile world is difficult to lockdown without security controls travelling with the content itself. Vaultize addresses this through its patent pending “micro-containerization technology”, which is agnostic to file-formats and provides end-to-end file security. In this approach to enterprise digital rights management, Vaultize embeds access rights in the document itself such that it is only usable by the authorized recipients in compliance with DRM protection settings", he added.

Vaultize's DRM allows enterprise IT to automatically apply access rights to the shared files as part of automated policy enforcement. Through this, access to shared documents can be controlled and permissions to open, view, download, print, copy-paste, forward and edit those documents can be managed - and even revoked. DRM policies are automatically applied when the files are shared by document-owners through Outlook and Vaultize's secure link sharing, including from mobile devices. The policies are uniformly applied across all end-users - irrespective of what devices they use - not only company managed PCs (Windows or Mac) but also BYOD smartphones and tablets, managed through an EMM solution.

Considering that 6.1 billion smartphones worldwide are expected to be sold by 2020, Vaultize’s DRM solutions will definitely be in high demand earlier or later. Actually, based on the 2.6 billion units in 2014, this means that the number of smartphones will have doubled by then, although the smart phone markets in the industrial nations seem to have reached their saturation limits already. Worldwide, however, there is still no end of growth in sight, especially not in Asia and Africa. Besides, the enterprise mobility trend has picked up by now. In the coming years, there will be far more mobile devices (including BYOD) than laptops/desktops accessing and sharing the corporate data as a normal workflow. Hence, Vaultize's focus on end-to-end file security for enterprise mobility through enterprise rights management and mobile content management, is a major differentiator for security conscious and regulated verticals like e.g. governments, banking and finance institutions, insurance or the health care industry.

The seamless integration of rights management with enterprise mobility strengthens the position of Vaultize as an expert in enterprise IT end-to-end security even further, while providing consumer-like user experience to end-users. Vaultize provides an easy and elegant mobile-first user experience for VPN-free access to enterprise content repositories and mobile file sharing on iOS and Android devices. Its mobile apps have built-in mobile content management that allows corporate IT to prevent data loss, security and compliance breaches by controlling what end-users can do with corporate data through a built-in document editor for MS Office editing and PDF annotation.

Here’s your chance to see what secure enterprise file sharing from Vaultize is all about — free trial for 30 days.

By MediaBUZZ