digitalcarelessnessBusiness- and production processes can’t be run without information technology anymore and digital marketing is definitely sitting in the front row here. However, although the risks of cyberattacks can threaten the existence of companies, many still don’t seem to be sufficiently aware of them.

Digital carelessness makes it easy for hackers to control cyberattacks remotely, especially with so many computers out there infected with malware, without the user even noticing it, and when united in so-called botnets, they can create huge damage and be virtually devastating like a typhoon. Therefore, experts globally warn of growing threats on the Internet and lament about a "digital carelessness" by many citizens and companies, although the cyberattacks are quite obviously becoming increasingly professional.

Millions of computers are infected with malware every year by which the computer can be remotely controlled for cyberattacks. That’s a considerable hazard potential, because every computer could become a tool of crime, without the user even noticing it at all.

In part, there is a lack of competence to recognize hazards and to provide adequate protection. In addition, however, many companies also underinvesting in IT security, especially SMEs still do so.

Although the awareness of the dangers in cyberspace among citizens and companies have improved due to the revelations of the US intelligence affair, "digital carelessness" is unfortunately still widespread.

Just keep in mind that technologies can be used and abuse, therefore I can only advise to comply with rules in order not to suffer a loss of reputation, which is usually coming along with privacy leaks.

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By MediaBUZZ