goodThe marching music of content marketing is and always has been the catchy tune “high-quality content is the foundation of online marketing success”. But don’t you think this hands-on advice is kind of vague? In the first instance, it raises more questions than giving any answer.

Luckily, there are a few basic, yet specific tips and advice that any content creator should follow on the Internet when creating successful content and Siege Media, an absolute expert in this field, created a useful infographic (see below) that explains how to succeed.

The company recommends, for instance, using content types that the competition does not have, which could be infographics, videos, or interactive elements.  However, warming that although there is a trend towards short, "snackable" content, the top spot in the Google search still have articles with an average of 2416 words, which points out that more detailed articles are still preferred.