pubicitasIn such a crowded marketplace of multi-channel marketing, some audiences become ignorant to advertising and some even go as far as using adblockers to avoid irrelevant, unsophisticated adverts.

According to research by the media services agency Publicitas, in partnership with Kantar Millward Brown and Huawei’s Honor smartphone brand, for instance, especially millennials don’t like being forced to watch pre-roll videos or be subjected to unenjoyable adverts. The company’s latest global research, The Format Effect Series, is the first global research program of its kind that explores the level of consumer appeal of different mobile (Part I) and video (Part II) advertising formats, and measures the impact these formats have on key brand measures.

The study evaluates in addition how a variety of digital ad formats make consumers feel and how they trigger different reactions and emotions: It reveals e.g. that 6 in 10 viewers of video have high levels of enjoyment, but outstream video adverts drive 15% more content engagement when compared to a more disruptive pre-roll format.

In a nutshell, the report provides the pointers required to help marketers understand the influence that these formats have on consumer behavior and brand appeal, such as:

  • Millennials welcome interactivity and flexibility to move around content and if this option is not available, it could have a negative effect on brand appeal and image.
  • Outstream video performed better with emotional engagement measures among millennials. The top three performing emotional key words ranked are: interested (+31%), inspired (+131%), and intrigued (+23%).



Obviously, outstream advertising is becoming the standard for video advertising, as this format solves the typical problems digital video advertisers are facing, namely viewability, inadequate premium inventory and proof of performance. Instead of running instream as pre-roll or mid-roll, outstream videos are either embedded between article content or within a slideshow, which means they don’t have to be attached to publisher’s video content to render. The format will therefore play an important role in the future, since it enables purchases to be handled programmatically and reduces concerns about viewability besides ensuring a positive experience for the user.

In terms of content types, formats and platforms, consumers continuously adapt to creative and innovative ways to access and absorb information, the report explains. Furthermore, consumers are also becoming more selective about the information they consume and are less tolerant of intrusive advertising. “They are constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to engage with content, and there is an increasing need for enhanced visualization, sound and movement via continually evolving formats and platforms. Underpinning all these changes is the desire to govern what content is consumed, when, where, and in what format – and this need for control is particularly prevalent among millennials”, the report concludes.

With this in mind, the ability to target consumers with engaging and relevant digital advertising, in an ‘appealing format’, is a key consideration for marketers. Make sure to choose thoroughly the most appropriate formats for your ads by considering Publicitas’ following tips:

1. Achieve stand out. If advertising can be seen to be ‘different from other ads’ by the formats within which they appear, they are more likely to get noticed quickly.
2. Create enjoyment. Consumers that enjoy an advertising format are more likely to digest the messages it conveys and respond to it positively, even show it to others.
3. Deliver attractive formats. If a format delivers attractive ‘image attributes’ it is more likely to connect with the consumer in a positive way, hold their attention, and have a positive impact on brand attributes.
4. Consider format appeal. There is a close relationship between format appeal and the perception of the brands. A positive perception of an ad format, can instill a positive brand opinion.
5. Remember empathy when developing creative. If the right emotions can be triggered, it has a potential ‘doubling effect’ on key brand measures.
6. Grab attention. The ultimate goal is to drive purchase consideration and enjoyable formats that grab attention and deliver positive image attributes, can enhance brand opinion, and help build consideration.
7. Consider environment. If format is important, the results confirm that the environment they are delivered in is equally important, creatively formatted advertising feels more attractive when placed in appealing content.
8. Think about Millennials. Millennials consume content and formats differently and this needs to be considered

Spending on online video advertising will definitely increase over the next two years, as video spots offer advertisers the opportunity to reach their customers with powerful, compelling messages about their brands and products. So, what are you waiting for - get ready!

By Daniela La Marca