aprimoNowadays, it‘s impossible to run marketing campaigns without various software tools, and there is a lot available on the market. Before chosing a software provider companies should figure out their individual needs and goals in detail and be very clear about what the exact performance the software should provide.

With Aprimo Integrated Marketing Management software, silos are replaced with empowered individuals and teams who openly collaborate, leading to streamlined workflows, improved efficiency and campaign effectiveness. You can manage change at your own pace with modular software that allows your processes to evolve in phases that best match your company's culture. Results can be quickly measured and real-time feedback opens the door to continuous improvement of campaigns and messaging. It all adds up to the kind of accountability you can carry into the boardroom or corner office to validate the true significance of your company's marketing spend.

Business-to-business and consumer marketers alike rely on Aprimo‘s integrated marketing suite to help streamline workflows and integrate their online and offline efforts, while delivering information, accountability and control into the hands of those who need it.

With powerful tools, built around marketing operations, multi-channel campaign and marketing performance management, companies can configure the automated solution that’s right for their unique requirements:

  • Marketing Operations reduce costs and optimize resources while integrating and automating your marketing planning, spending and workflow. Centralized project and asset management accesses all aspects of marketing operations from the desktop or from any mobile device.
  • Multi-channel Campaign Management seamlessly coordinates digital and traditional channels using a single integrated platform that enables personalization and dialog-based campaigns, plus real-time reporting for midstream adjustments and fine-tuned results.
  • Marketing Performance Management captures and shares the analytics needed to achieve optimum performance from marketing investments, using a flexible and configurable reporting environment that can load information from multiple data sources and integrate with any third-party solutions.
  • Mobile Access for Marketing Operations‘ new interface, designed specifically for mobile devices, will keep marketing moving and provides access to the data needed, whenever, whereever.

Aprimo Marketing Studio On Demand offers Integrated Marketing Management in the cloud as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution, with no software to install, upgrade or manage. This option includes planning calendars, project dashboards, digital asset libraries, flexible reporting tools and more tightly integrated capabilities to help improve marketing performance. Additional options are:

  • Online Marketing: Integrate multiple marketing channels and deliver relevant and personalized campaigns, using modules devoted to campaign management, e-mail, mobile marketing, segmentation and triggered dialogs.
  • Marketing Operations: Add new efficiency to management of costs, projects, activities and assets, while adding new visibility to knowledge of marketing data. Modules include tools designed to aid workflow, spend management and collateral customization.
  • Optional Tools: Lead Management; Visitor Monitoring; Web Analytics; SFA and ERP Platform Integration; and Blogging.

Today, despite the best efforts at statistical analysis, response rates to traditional target marketing are often still below 5%. Fact is that customers respond to relevant offers, thus, to succeed, you need to break through the clutter of emails, direct mail and phone calls and communicate with your customers using offers that make an immediate connection with their needs.

Cloud-based Aprimo Real-Time Interaction Manager (ARTIM) is an inbound marketing and offer management solution that analyzes all customer interactions, including in-process activity, to ensure the best offer for each individual customer is delivered while they are engaged. Offers can be centrally managed in a content repository and delivered across any or all customer touch-points, including the web, call center and retail point-of-sale. More timely and relevant offers result in higher response and conversion rates - meaning higher ROI.

The Interaction Manager also provides intelligent, automated, real time recommendations that will enhance your interactions with customers:

  • The best content for each individual customer is delivered as interactions occur, including cross-sell and up-sell offers, retention strategies and loyalty messages;
  • Self-learning offer manager provides a continuous feedback loop to ensure increasingly intelligent messages or offers over time;
  • Business rules include company as well as customer priorities;
  • Flexible user interface easily integrates with multiple business environments and channels;
  • Scalability allows hundreds of thousands of intelligent interactions per hour.

In addition, the Aprimo Relationship Manager is a tool which delivers easy access to advanced segmentation and selection; multi-channel dialog; integrated optimization for offers and contacts; distributed self-service marketing; and other important capabilities that will help enhance your interactions with customers. Developed and optimized for use in industries with large numbers of prospects and channels, the Relationship Manager provides unmatched performance and scalability. It’s an ideal platform to accommodate high volumes of users and detailed data analysis, as well as complex segmentations, analytics and event-based trigger marketing.

Aprimo Relationship Manager includes:

  • Integration with Aprimo Marketing Studio: Provides critical workflow and task choreography between marketing operations and multi-channel campaign management to deliver best-in-breed workflows and communication plans for executing full-stream integrated marketing initiatives.
  • Communication Manager: Provides selection, segmentation and dialog capabilities with advanced functionality.
  • Contact Optimizer: Helps monitor and control frequency of marketing communication to individuals across all programs.
  • Self Service Marketing (SSM): Allows local resources to create their own campaigns, with centralized control and reporting.
  • Rules Manager: Allows extensive customization of campaign selection, segmentation and execution.
  • Marketing Intelligence: Pre-built executive dashboard with more than 80 standard reports.
  • Channel Interaction Manager: Provides connectivity to external systems and channels, based on Teradata XML and web services.
  • Analytics: Suite of guided, business-user-oriented analytics available as a package or separately.
  • eMarketing: Bundled version of Strongmail, an on-premise email engine. (Source: aprimo.com)

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