MessageSystems_TwitterIconMessage Systems celebrated the move into its new APAC Headquarter in downtown Singapore yesterday, where Asian e-Marketing met the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, Ralph Lentz, as well as Mark Johnson, Head of APAC and Teddy Ng, the newly appointed Sales Director for Southeast Asia. Besides great food and drinks, I enjoyed a traditional lion dance performance for good luck and found it most interesting to speak to the Message Systems team.

Message Systems earned its reputation as the messaging industry leader by providing a combination of technology that supports rich, interactive digital messaging solutions, unique industry expertise and passionate, dedicated people. According to Mark Johnson, his company continuously improved its technology in the past ten years for the next generation of communications. Ralph Lentz emphasized that the company offers one of the most robust, flexible, high-performance message management platform on the market today, managing billions of emails every day for some of the world's largest carriers, service providers, social networks and other enterprises.

At the core of the Message Systems product suite is Momentum, the foundation for message convergence, which means real-time communications that integrate email, mobile text and other message formats so businesses can reach and interact with their customers using the channel and devices they prefer. Its open, highly scalable framework gives unprecedented agility to create custom approaches that differentiate a company in the marketplace for a distinct competitive advantage.

Due to Asian e-Marketing’s topic of the month, I was most interested in finding out more about Momentum for CRM which is said to significantly improve marketing results. According to the company, it dramatically upgrades the messaging capabilities by boosting throughput, integrating email and SMS/MMS for cross-channel functionality, adding new cadence management and timed-delivery features, besides boosting delivery rates and customer engagement. And all that with a minimum of installation and configuration work.

Marketers can leverage Momentum for CRM to quickly gain the ability to send messages at much higher volumes, precisely target programs for delivery across time zones, and integrate data and content from sources outside Oracle's Siebel® CRM. By effectively integrating the email, SMS and MMS channels, Momentum for CRM enables organizations to engage customers in two-way conversations through email and text or both. This kind of cross-channel messaging is a key capability for engaging customers in a communications environment increasingly dominated by smartphones and social media interactions. In addition, centralized logging for both email and SMS delivery receipts ensures clear use tracking and visibility into how and when messages get delivered, thus providing a much more accurate insight into response rates and ROI, especially in the mobile channel.

To no surprise, Message Systems is solving today’s most difficult customer communications challenges and has global companies like, Facebook, PayPal, LinkedIn, or Zynga as clients. With consumers gaining greater control over the commercial dialogue, many of the techniques and practices that drove customer engagement online in years past – email marketing, lifecycle messaging, alerts and loyalty programmes – have become less effective. Nowadays there is a strong market need for fresher, more effective approaches to customer communication and that is exactly what Message Systems delivers.

80% revenue growth last year and continuously providing market-leading solutions for the world’s most innovative brands speaks for itself. To no surprise Message Systems continues its dominance as the messaging solutions provider of choice for top social networks as well as daily deal retailers, and maintains its growth momentum through ongoing investments in both people and technology. Asian e-Marketing will keep an eye on the company’s promising future in the region, so you can expect more reporting on Message Systems’ success stories in upcoming issues.

By Daniela La Marca