3fournaise“People trust doctors, surgeons, lawyers, pilots or accountants - simply because they know these no-nonsense professionals are trained to focus on the right set of data to take the best decisions and achieve the best outcomes possible. CEOs trust CFOs and CIOs for the same reasons. It’s not a game of data, but rather a game of the “right and relevant” data for the right purpose and the right decision-making, with no fluff around” said Jerome Fontaine, CEO & Chief Tracker of Fournaise. “Marketers will have to understand that they need to start “cutting the rubbish” if they are to earn the trust of CEOs and if they want to have a bigger impact in the boardroom” he explained. “They will have to transform themselves into true business-driven ROI Marketers or forever remain in what 65% of CEOs told us they call Marketing la-la land” Fontaine concluded.

Why is test scoring important?

The job of an ad campaign is to grow the business by generating more customer demand, more sales, more prospects, more conversion and/or more market share.

The problem, however, is that 68% of the ad campaigns tracked at post-launch level failed to deliver the expected results, because they did not generate an effective creative impact on the target audience.

In 60% of the cases the briefs were too loose, too weak or not sharp enough. In 40% of the circumstances the ad agencies' creative delivery was off-brief or simply not good enough and that's because less than 20% of deployed ad campaigns are tested at pre-launch level.

The Fournaise CampaignTester® works in just three easy steps, namely loading the ads, defining the target audience, and then getting the test-score results. Its 9-KPI scorecard-based ad testing gives you factual, unquestionable, to-the-point test-score analyses – even on demand, on any target audience anywhere in the world at the click of a button. It is super-fast, super cost-effective and 100%.

Marketers spend a big part of their advertising budget deploying marketing campaigns across all types of traditional and online media. And since their target audiences are exposed to these campaigns and that of thousands of other brands, including competitors, the question is crucial if these campaigns are really working: Are they getting the target audience to buy more products or services and would it make sense to test campaigns before launching them?

If you are interested in getting answers to such questions, test-score your ads with Fournaise’s CampaignTester® that is available in 11 languages across 20 countries. Asian e-Marketing believes that it is a useful tool for strategic planners, client servicing and creative teams, integrated communication companies, media companies, design specialists, marketing professionals and brand managers in charge of developing marketing and communication strategies as well as marketing research and segmentation professionals. (Source: www.fournaisegroup.com/)

By MediaBUZZ