1refinedPerformance marketing is more than just search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, display, or simply just another channel. Performance marketing is everything rolled in one – a single unit.

Refined Ads delivers an ASP application, designed for the workflow and tailored to the needs of online marketing professionals. With the principle “Analyze-Understand-Act”, customers are able to measure the success of their performance marketing campaigns with in-depth analysis, prepare and structure data for immediate implementation. A sophisticated bid-management system, providing unequalled levels of analysis, maximum transparency and a wide range of functions is part of th system.

Evaluating the exact Cross-Channel CPO

Refined Ads supports subsequent channels in an integrated, cross-channel environment.


Search Engine Marketing

Refined Ads offers complete control for Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing. For Microsoft adCenter we offer limited control; for Baidu and Yandex, comprehensive and integrated reporting.

Affiliate Marketing

For the affiliate channel, and in addition to the assessment of the publisher transactions and associated statistics, Refined Ads allows for comprehensive transaction management. Thus you can do your reports more efficiently, accurately and rapidly – a performing interface for all channels. Currently Affilinet, TradeDoubler and Zanox are supported.

Display, Social Media, Generic Traffic and more…

Refined Ads anyChannel provides revenue, conversion and click tracking for any URL-based traffic source, enabling measurement of the following (among others):

  • Any Display Ads – on customer request capturing of associated views (Post View) can be included through display performance measurement.
  • Social media, such as Facebook ads and Twitter campaigns
  • Generic traffic, i. e. search engine traffic (SEO), referrer, and type-ins
  • Email marketing, newsletters, and cooperations
  • Any other traffic sources

Refined Ads anyChannel enables marketers to recognize cross-channel effects of any traffic channels among each other as well as with search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, and all other channels.


Display Performance Measurement (Post View Tracking)

The display performance measurement option captures every view of a display advertising medium and assess the views in the context of funnel representations as soon as a transaction takes place in any channel. Marketers can recognize precisely which advertising medium was involved in the conversion, even if the advertising medium was not clicked at all.

Refined Ads focusses on simplifying online marketing with an integrated complete solution and to increase the efficiency. The focus is not isolated on individual channels – such as search engine marketing or affiliate marketing – the company prefers a holistic view as essential parts of the performance marketing mix with complete cross-channel support.

Refined Ads defines Three Steps to Success

The three steps defined allow marketers to measure the success of online marketing campaigns in great detail, understand data and really control data – either manually or by using the bid management system, completely or partially automated.

Step 1: Analyze

The tracking infrastructure, shows data on unprecedented levels of analysis. In addition, there are numerous export and report options.

Step 2: Understand

Customized views and customized data structures help understand where and how ROI can be improved.

Step 3: Act

Implement the gained knowledge immediately. The intelligent workflow mechanisms enable intuitive campaign management. Automation is achieved through Traffic Control, the integrated bid management system.

Refined Ads depicts the costs of online advertisement and revenue generated together and thus gives a detailed granular-level overview of where the revenue comes from and where expenditure on advertising is petering out! Closely meshed control options, different views, detailed filter and search options and refined automation mechanisms simplify campaign management and the control of affiliate marketing campaigns. (Source: www.refinedlabs.com)

By Anjum Siddiqi