4vuclipVuclip, a mobile video and media company, recently started to offer a solution that evaluates mobile campaign effectiveness.

Reaching 45 million monthly users on 5,500 different mobile handsets, Vuclip has an unparalleled, global consumer base. This critical mass, partnered with Millward Brown, a leading global research agency, the company creates brand metrics that provide meaningful insights beyond click-through-rates.

Millward Brown’s independent survey capabilities and robust analytics, allowed Vuclip to analyse six metrics:

  1. top-of-mind brand awareness;
  2. brand familiarity;
  3. mobile ad awareness;
  4. brand association;
  5. brand favourability;
  6. purchase intent.

Brand advertisers can measure and optimize their mobile ad campaigns with these six brand metrics, as well as the performance against their key marketing objectives, and even compare effectiveness against industry averages.

Both companies recently conducted an AdIndex Advertising Effectiveness Study to assess the success of a mobile video advertising campaign on behalf of one of India’s leading toothbrush brands.

The study included respondents from the 18-45 years age groups, with 41% belonging to the 25-34 years of age category. Respondents were segregated into two groups, one of which was exposed to a banner brand ad, while the control group was not. Then, the study analysed the six brand attributes mentioned above, revealing e.g. that the brand favourability was 7.9% higher among the exposed group compared to the control group, besides other findings.

“Mobile technology has become a ubiquitous part of our lives. Anywhere in the world, consumers turn to their mobile device for instant news, videos and product information. While brands have recognized this shift from ‘prime time’ to ‘real time’ advertising, mobile metrics have not kept up with the changes. Click-through-rates reveal little about brand engagement or purchase intent,” said Meera Chopra, Global Head & Vice President, Ad Sales at Vuclip. “By partnering with Millward Brown we have found a way to successfully apply traditional TV and online metrics to mobile. This gives brands the opportunity to measure the impact of their mobile initiatives against their overall marketing goals.”

Ritesh Dutt, Head Media Practice, India of Millward Brown commented, “As an industry leader, Vuclip is helping brands define success on the most important platform of our age – mobile. We are delighted that Vuclip has recognized our track record in mobile ad metrics and analysis. Through our partnership, we can help transform the way brands view mobile measurement and believe the impact will benefit the entire mobile ecosystem.”

As we have seen, legacy metrics such as CPC and CPM seem to make sense only to some extent, but they don’t capture the breadth and depth of user engagement on mobile to its fullest.

Thanks to Vuclip and Millward Brown’s six key brand metrics for mobile we now see a change towards gaining deeper insights for our mobile campaign effectiveness beyond pure click-through-rates.

By Daniela La Marca