3understandingBy now we’ve all understood that we need to put the customer at the center of our marketing strategy. But actually, doing that is another matter and calls for the right solution, that enable us to truly and profoundly understand our customers and prospects to deliver only relevant product information - and not too much of it either.

Marketers have long had to perform a tough balancing act, ensuring that they get their message out while stopping shy of annoying prospective customers. But a March 2013 survey of adult US internet users, conducted by InsightsOne, revealed that ad messaging may need some fine-tuning to keep from turning off consumers. More than nine in 10 internet users reported encountering an annoying ad somewhere, according to the poll.

For more interesting facts and figures from the 2013 Bad Ads Survey, have a look at this infographic:


Marketers need to engage, retain, and convert consumers by using a solution that analyzes behavior, predicts customer needs, and optimizes marketing campaigns across all consumer touch points.

InsightsOne’s sophisticated multi-channel “Recommendation, Targeting, and Churn Management Solution” empowers B2C organizations to deliver the right offer, to the right person, through the right channel. The solution is able to predict consumer intent and buying preferences, unlocking the consumer’s hidden needs and seamlessly integrating into the web, call center and campaign delivery systems, automating the entire prediction to offer delivery process.

Recommendations that increase conversion rates

Providing an excellent customer journey also means delivering offers to them in the space they frequent most – online and call centers. The InsightsOne recommendation solution allows you to provide offers most relevant to consumers, based on their buying patterns, as well as their on-line and off-line behaviors. The recommendations can be applied to known and anonymous consumers, delivering next best offers and search reordering based on consumer preferences. Customers have reported profit and revenue doubling with these precision web recommendations as compared to traditional recommendation solutions.

Targeting that increases response rates

Better engage and convert your customers and prospects by delivering 1-to-1 offers that they actually want and need. The predictive intelligence solution of InsightsOne provides precise 1-to-1 targeting and integrates with email service providers (ESPs), SMS delivery systems, as well as other channel offer and content delivery systems.

InsightsOne reduces consumer fatigue, by ensuring that volumes of irrelevant offers do not overwhelm customers, which in turn increases future consumer engagement. InsightsOne’s customers have documented 20% and greater increase in outbound conversion rates.

Churn management can be a complicated process and most solutions are backward looking – great at telling you who hasn’t purchased in the last 30 days, or who has already cancelled your service after it is too late to effectively re-earn their loyalty.

InsightsOne is proactive in precisely identifying customers most likely to be dissatisfied or churn within a given timeframe in the future. This proactive approach allows effective engagement with at-risk customers. The company provides insight into the causes of churn, so retention campaigns can be built, and even tells you which offers have the highest likelihood of successfully engaging each and every at-risk customer. Besides, it has demonstrated a 4x improvement in effectiveness of identifying at-risk customers over traditional analytic approaches and also solves the multi-channel problem from both ends by taking detailed consumer data in batches and real-time from one or more sources and channels. This provides for a comprehensive understanding of who the consumer is, every action that they have taken, and when they took those actions.

Leveraging highly detailed data across multiple sources and channels enables InsightsOne to deliver precise predictions that outperform all other solutions. The flexible architecture allows for a staged and managed approach. Customers can start with a single source or channel and add further sources or channels over time with each incremental step increasing campaign performance.

InsightsOne can be integrated into all consumer touch points. Since data and predictive insights are integrated, the offers presented and actions taken are coordinated across all channels, allowing customers to deliver within one or more channels.

The powerful campaign optimization capabilities allow you to send offers that are most relevant to the consumer, delivering the greatest revenue and profit. Thus, campaign optimization can be performed on one, or a weighted mix of these and other KPIs.

By MediaBUZZ