5mediaplexMediaplex, a technology-empowered marketing analytics and optimization company, scientifically identifies the best way for brands to invest marketing resources for maximum ROI.

The company is the technology services division of ValueClick Inc., one of the world's largest and most comprehensive online marketing services providers.

Their Software with Service approach blends a leading end-to-end data collection and management infrastructure with expert analytics consultation and media execution.

The application of rigorous statistical analysis to cross-channel marketing data, and understanding of what is truly driving incremental sales, enables executing the most effective digital advertising possible.

For more than 15 years Mediaplex has worked to make its MOJO Adserver most effective, precise and efficient. The MOJO Adserver offers a single platform to serve, manage, and report across search, display, video, mobile, affiliate, social, rich media, and more.

It is easy to use, fully customizable and creates and executes your campaigns quickly as its cross-channel ad management is simply made remarkably efficient. With MOJO Adserver you can view and interpret data from across channels all on one platform, and by using one reporting and analysis tool instead of many, you can dramatically reduce the time and complexity required to manage your cross-channel campaigns. Especially given the growth of tablets and smartphones, this can be a major advantage.

Manual ad management not only takes more time, it also increases the likelihood of errors. With MOJO Adserver it’s easy to establish business rules, generate tags, and centrally traffic across multiple channels and thousands of sites. It uses data from across all the leading digital channels for more precise user targeting and better orchestrating creative messaging to individual users.

Whole segments of the population now use mobile phones and tablets as their primary interactive device therefore it is essential that brands take steps to manage campaign elements like frequency capping and creative sequencing across channels.

Thus, MOJO offers multiple targeting and optimization options, such as:

  • Geography – country, county, post code.
  • Demographics – gender, age, life-stage, income, ethnicity.
  • Device – computer, smartphone, tablet.
  • Connection speed – high speed or dial up.
  • Site browsing behavior – site visits, content visited.
  • Browsing behaviors – buying behaviors, interests.
  • Offer targeting – dynamic creative, offer segmentation.
  • Sequential creative – creative storyboarding.

Mediaplex can help their clients to define and implement targeting strategies unique to their particular categories and brands, since MOJO Adserver has already built a reputation of accuracy, often functioning as the impartial auditor between brands and publisher self-reporting. The ad server by Mediaplex is equipped with superior cross-channel data correlation capabilities, enabling you to identify and act upon opportunities in near-real-time, where most ad servers require 24 hours or more.

That unnecessary data lag really makes a difference for campaign ROI. For example, if a customer’s behavior indicates that they are looking to buy now, it pays to be able to begin messaging while that purchase consideration is still top of mind. In many categories, 24 hours is actually longer than the average decision making process! (Source: www.mediaplex.co.uk)

By Anjum Siddiqi